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Cat Skiing in Chattercreek

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Has anybody gone cat skiing at Chattercreek in Golden BC? I am going in early March and was wondering what to expect. JoC have you been?

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I just got back from Cat Powder in Revelstoke. It was absolutely awesome. There are some quirky yet common sensical etiquette issues that one needs to be aware of when cat skiing. But in general it was far and away the best two days of skiing in my life.
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As you well know, I have not been cat skiing as of yet. But since you ask I am more than willing to go in your place as payment for the bet made by T.pow, in which a cat skiing trip was the wager. This would at least save the Pow family from being branded as welchers. Where do I meet the heli?? [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Welcome to Epicski. looks like you registered at the end of January. Your PM function is blocked so I couldn't send you a note telling you I moved your post. Sorry..
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