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Snowpack at Mount Hood?

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I am preparing for race camp the last week of July, and am getting nervous about the unusually warm conditions out west. Can any Mt. Hood locals comment on the prospect for good camp snow at the end of July?
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the Palmer snowfield doesn't melt out. It's always there.
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I was up last Thursday and T-Line has lots of snow. The Mile is still open and looks like you should be able to still ski to the lodge in late July, but...

The weather here has been mild with mostly overcast until recently. We have had a few days over 80 and one or two over 90, but most have been 60's and 70's. The mountain has been colder with jacket appropriate weather most, but not all, days.

The snow pack at T-Line looks real good for this time of year. Just wax your skis and get ready for a good time. Remember, we ski until September and then resume skiing in October. Makes the off season pretty short!!!

I will probably go again in June and perhaps in July. I will post conditions after each trip.
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Maddog- Drop by on the 5th of July. Slatz and I will do some turns with ya.
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Jyarddog, are you skiing a camp, coaching or just goofing?

SLATZ is at Gilboa’s right? So, do we meet at the Gilboa’s upper lane or their lower lane on the Mile? The rollers down there were great fun for a couple of runs each morning. Or do we meet somewhere else? Also, I think slider was trying to make it on one day.

Slider, you up for July 5th? Let us know!

I will try to make it on the 6th but I can’t commit just yet. I will let you know soon.

Anyone else in for the 5th?

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Depends on the wifes plans but will let you know.
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