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For those with money and time

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The Ultimate Season Pass
With the Ultimate Season Pass, you'll receive unlimited round-trip flights on Frontier Airlines to Denver or Reno and unlimited skiing and riding at Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone, and Heavenly Resorts for just $2999*

The Triple Play
With The Triple Play, you'll receive three round-trip flights into Denver on Frontier Airlines, plus unlimited skiing and riding at Keystone, Breckenridge, and Arapahoe Basin for just $999**
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Wow! Where'd you hear about these passes, Kima? I assume that those are flights from anywhere Frontier flies from?

It wasn't long ago that just a season pass at Vail alone cost nearly as much as that "Ultimate" pass!

Best regards,
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Yes Bob it is a great deal, considering that many flights to and from Denver cost more than 300.00. I saw it on thier web site here
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From todays paper: article

I think this is a remarkable marketing ploy. What do you think?
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Is it really a great deal? If you could fly to Colorado EVERY weekend that isn't a blackout, maybe. But realistically if you can do that maybe you should just move to Vail [img]smile.gif[/img]

Here's a scenario. Imagine you bought two Perfect Ten passes for a total of $700. That gives you twenty days of skiing, so that's seven three day weekend trips. If the average plane ticket is $300, that's $2,100 for the plane. So the total is $2,800 or $500 less than this Frontier deal ($3,000 + $300 additional fees).
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Maybe Colorado should try this deal. It's more in line with what budget conscious skiers are looking for.

"The Sampler includes one ticket for each of the Ski Lake Tahoe
resorts -- Alpine Meadows, Heavenly, Kirkwood, Northstar-at-Tahoe,
Sierra-at-Tahoe and Squaw Valley USA -- plus two additional tickets,
one valid at any of the 3 North Shore resorts, and the other valid
at the 3 South Shore resorts. Sampler tickets are good any day
during the 2003/04 winter season except December 20-January 3, and
February 14-16. To purchase your Ski Lake Tahoe Sampler, call
530.541.2462 ext.206. Only 150 Samplers are available, and will
be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis, so don't delay -- call
now. Visit the Ski Lake Tahoe Web site at www.skilaketahoe.com.
For a Lake Tahoe Winter Vacation Guide, call 1-800-588-SNOW."

New Mexico does the same thing with their sampler, but you can buy it all season long for a little less money(as it should be).


Edit for prices: The Tahoe Sampler is eight days of skiing at 6 large resorts for $250($31.25/day), and the New Mexico Sampler is 16 days of skiing at eight small to medium size resorts for $225($14.06/day).

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Now, if you have the money, but not the time, and would like to do a bit for charity, you could always sponsor me...


I'm raising money for SCOPE - a UK based charity which helps people with Cerebral Palsy.


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