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This weekend, where within an hour or so of Albany airport?

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Thinking of jumping on a e-fare flight to Albany this coming Sat morning, gets in by 1030am. Where could I get an afternoon in that day and another half day early on Sunday? Have to fly back out of Albany by 530pm on Sunday. Weather looks like it'll be decent too.
Is Gore the way to go? Or Southern VT? or Mass?
Help.... :
Appreciate the input from you Upstater's and New Englander's!
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Jiminy Peak and Windham are the only areas within an hour of Albany airport. The best choice right now is Gore, which is about 1.5 hours north. Bromley is a little further, Killington is more than 2 hours.
If we get a good dump late in the week (unlikely), Hickory Hill is the best bet close to Albany.
Send me a PM for driving directions.
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I guess my choice would be Stratton or Bromley. Jiminy Peak was not too bad Monday night. Se ski there all the time. I would not fly from anywhere to ski Jiminy.

I like Bromley better than Stratton. Stratton is easier and more affluent. Bromley is more Vermont.

Have fun!
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I agree w/ thebuzard's comparison of Stratton & Bromley. However, downside to Bromley, given the weather we've been having, is that it faces the sun all day. Recent warm spells may have taken a toll on it's base. Hopefully, you can get a current update on Bromley from someone here. If you do decide to go to Stratton, send me a PM. I'll be there this weekend.
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Gore, if I'm correct, has no 1/2 day ticket. 'Course, I'd never publicly advocate clipping, but...

But for Sun., that's where I'd be. Maybe 1/2 day @ Bromley? I think Jiminy would be among the more crowded.
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Ok, I'm very close to a decision. Need a little more help/advice.
It's down to either Gore or Bromley.
Bromley offers reasonable half-day tix and even has a Sunday morning option of 8am-1pm. Perfect for me flying back out of Albany at 5pm. I've never skied VT (yet). This could be my opportunity to get a flavor. I prefer groomed easy to intermediate trails. Seems to be plenty of reasonable lodging. And lot's o' sunshine. And did I say I've never skied VT?

Gore might be a quicker commute from Albany since it's mostly highway. Has lots more trails. But seems to be in the middle of nowhere. I'd like to have a few (dining/drinking) options for my Saturday evening. Gore has a half day ticket but only after 1230pm. Won't help me on Sunday.
Mapquest gives them both an appx 1.5 hour drivetime.
BOTH are getting snow Friday night into Sat morning.
Whaddaya think? :
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Bromley will definitely offer you more evening choices - although I've had some fun at Gore. The morning ticket option is great at Bromley and hey.... didn't you say you'd never skied VT? Now's the time!
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My recollection is that Mt. Snow is not far from Albany. (check map). Some people do not care for Mt. Snow but its a big place.
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I've discounted Mt Snow under the assumption that it has a greater chance of being a zoo (more crowded, more hassle) than either Gore or Bromley. This is a solo trip just focused on skiing, new experience's and places...
But thanks for the suggestion!
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What about West Mountain in Glens Falls? Not one of the big guys, but close to Albany and I think they have a 4 hour anytime ticket.
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Mt. Snow is a good mountain, but your assumption is correct, it will be more crowded than Brom. or Gore.

Dining/Drinking- if you do Gore, you will likely have to sleep in Lake George, where the options are plentiful. 2 weeks ago I had a great meal and some pints @ the Adirondack Brew Pub.

I almost made plans to go again this wknd., but I'm going to Okemo for the demo day instead. Have fun!
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Jiminy Peak should not be crowded this weekend. The six pack eats lift lines. When crowded, people stay off the steeper terrain. I have found weekend skiing at Jiminy to be OK.

I also agree that Vermont is the place for skiers. Mt Snow is a similar distance vs Bromley. It should not be too crowded.

It is also true that Bromley faces South and that could be a problem.

This season is going to shut down fast, so you beter make this on count!
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I'm anti Jiminy. Personal issue.

Do Gore, you'll like it.

If you're intermediate, you will enjoy the blues off the hi-speed triple like Showcase & Twister, and do seek out Tahawus and Sleeping Bear.

Tannery and Cloud are both carpenter's dreams, avoid them, unless you want to mix in some Nordic.
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The decision has been made and plans are in place. (boy does that sound anal or what?)
Anyhow, the nod goes to Bromley.
Hope to be on the slopes by 1pm Sat and should be able to get in 5 hours or so early Sunday. It looks like it's snowing up that way now and that should make for pretty decent conditions. Better than I can get in NE PA.
Plus, the fun will be in the adventure, skiing is a big part of that but not all of it.... [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Originally posted by William Tell:
Plus, the fun will be in the adventure, skiing is a big part of that but not all of it.... [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
I agree!
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Jiminy got 10 inches today! The storm stalled.

Bromley will be fun.
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Ok,weekend is over and here's the deal.
Plane was half hour late taking off so I was already worried with such a tight schedule...got into Albany at 11am, was outta there and on the road at 11:30.
Got to Bromley at 1pm sharp. (72 miles, 90 minutes, Troy NY is a pain in the xxx)
Changed into my ski gear in the parking lot and was on a lift by 1:25. Was a little crowded probably due to Mtn Dew Vertical Challenge racing in the morning. Was springlike at the bottom of the mtn, but was friggin nasty cold and windy at the top. Snow was OK in spots but icy in others. Steeper stuff was worse than not. About a quarter of the trails were closed.
(One really cool thing for me was that I could see so many other slopes from the top of Bromley. Stratton, Magic, Okemo, a bit of Killington and Gore. I think that I may have been even seeing Mt Washington on Sunday, waaay off to the NE.)
They had gotten a few inches the night before but you couldn't tell by the time I got there. Got in about 6-7 runs. Was pretty tired and a little disappointed in my "first VT ski experience". Went back to the motel, chilled for a while, went out and had a decent sandwich and a couple brews at Mulligans in Manchester. For a while I was considering going to Stratton on Sunday morning, instead of back to Bromley. Even started to justify (in my mind) the $72 rate for Stratton for the 5 hours I expected to get in...Stratton really looked "good" from Bromley that afternoon...but you know what they say about "the snow being whiter..." Anyhow, got a good night's sleep, up at 6am, had breakfast, got back to the room and said, screw it, I'm going back to Bromley. (I had a hunch) Boy was I right! Got there at 8am, got the $41 early ticket and was off. The snow was wonderful and the crowd was significantly smaller. Had a bunch of great runs early on, weather was warmer, mostly sunny. In my little world it was "epic". It started to get a little more crowded by 11am, but never a wait in line. skied till 1-ish, went back to the motel, (the innkeeper was cool enough to let me return, shower up and pack my gear for traveling) then off to Albany, and a smooth flight home.
All in all, it was a great little day and a half adventure that has me looking forward to another VT experience.
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Yeah the view of Bromley from Stratton is one of the nicer aspects of skiing Stratton. Is it worth $72? No. You made the right choice on Bromley price wise. Stratton has excellent ski and stay packages though and a beautiful base village. Oh and I do remember seeing a peak higher than all the rest way in the distance to the North. Now I wonder if that was Mt. Washington I was seeing.
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billtell, skied Jiminy on Sat. They got ten inches on Fri and it was great. There were plenty of closed trails so we had untracked powder. One of the best powder days of the season. It was still Jiminy though.

Glad to hear you had one good day! Stick with Vermont.

Oh, and try Rt 2 when going through Troy. No traffic.
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