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Summit County snow report

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How are conditions shaping up in Summit County. I'm heading to Keystone and Copper for the week of March 11-17 and just wanted to know what to expect. Also, if anyone has any suggestions on transportation from Keystone to Vail it would it would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Just got back from a long weekend, skied Friday at Keystone, Saturday at Vail, and Sunday at Breck. Well let me first say how much things have improved since last weekend, last weekend at Vail it looked like winter was over and spring was here. Now winter has returned again and the areas have made a decent recovery. Some more snow is forecasted and hopefully it'll keep on snowing!!!!!

Keystone- is doing OK, the snow in the Outback was decent, especially in the trees on the west side, the frontside was pretty hardpacked and icy in spots.

Vail on Saturday was pretty amazing, skied Mongolia bowl all day in about a foot of powder, pretty good stuff.

Breckenridge on Sunday I just skied in the morning, skied the ridge down from chair 6, nice snow, they only reported about 3 inches of new snow but that was nice and windloaded with about 8 inches or so. Pretty hardpacked down on the bottom though.
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Here's the latest update on the Summit County snow conditions:

Friday: Berthoud Pass - well what can I say 4" new, 18" in the last three days. Simply amazing snow. Apparently the've closed some of the south side now due to sun crust that must have developed yesterday. Probably the best day of the year.

Saturday: Breckenridge - well not much in the way of snow, I think there around 160" total for the year. Anyway hiked and skied Imperial Bowl and Whale's Tale in the morning while it was still sunny. Total hiking time 1 hour 15 min. total skiing time 15 minutes and worth every second. Just further proving my theory that there is always good snow somewhere on a mountain regardless. These runs were truly amazing. Spent the rest of the day skiing the front side of peak 8 and 9 with some friends and it basically was no good, really hard packed and crowded.

Sunday: Vail - After paying to park for the first time and waiting in line to buy lift tickets for friends with my colorado pass I now understand why people hate Vail so much. After getting to the back bowls and doing my first run down blue sky basin under a warm blue sunny ski in nice soft spring like snow I know why I love Vail so much. Total spring skiing day and I loved it, as much as I want winter to last forever, it's hard to argue with skiing with a long sleeve t-shirt in soft spring powder snow. Mongolia bowl was especially good. The Vail burger at the Red Lion capped off a spectacular day.

Signing out,
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first i would like to know why you guys go to keystone??? it is probably the crappiest resort in the world and the snow conditions will never be good. there is a bus that travels between keystone and vail.
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I couldn't agree more about Keystone, that place is pretty rotten. The only time I'll ever go there is if I get up to the mountains after 2 or so. Then at least I can ski till 8 there. It's definitely the last place that I would go in Summit.
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