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Alta 'about face'

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Does the installation of the Sugarloaf high speed quad and the new combo pass indicate that Alta is in the process of doing an 'about face' on their commitment to keeping the ski experience in their end of the canyon as it has always been? :
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I think the logic behind the new lift is to accomodate the new Alta to Snowbird traffic.
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A new high speed lift and a joint pass does not mean that Alta has sold it's skiers soul to the Devil.At least not yet [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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You'll note that the Sugarloaf replacement isn't Alta's first high speed lift. I have ridden the triple a few times early season when they were only loading it as a double to preserve the snow quality. I'll bet they continue that practice.
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They have a high speed triple they use as thier beginner chair.
I'm guessing why they converted Sugarloaf, is that a lift only has about 25-30 good years of operation, even with regular scheduled maintiance. Parts for older chairs get harder and harder to find, and to costly to fabercaite on thier own.

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Yeah but...

Didn't the Sugarloaf triple got relocated to replace the Supreme double?

And speaking of replacing antiques... I'm presuming the Quincey lift Deer Valley sold to The Canyons is going to replace their antique double that goes up to Lookout? I was skiing by the bottom of that double chair last January. The lift was stopped and there was a chair lying on the snow 100 yards uphill from the bull wheel where it had dropped off the tow rope. :
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I'm not sure about the replacement. I have heard that was going to happen.
As for Quincey, yes the Canyons did buy it, to install between 9990, and the lift just south of there. That's my understanding.
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That's it. Alta has sold out. Installing a high speed quad only 20 years after anyone else has! Alta sucks. The skiing experience is ruined. Don't go to Alta. There not even going to have snow this year, shipping it all to P-City for the Olympics. I hear they are going to close high Rustler to put in an alpine slide. Next thing you know they'll be putting in some really nice restaurants, hiring thousands of employees to brush snow off of the chairs, groom the slopes, and drive you the 100 yds. from your car to the lift or you can use valet service. Lift prices will go up to $65 to buy all those employees color coordinated ski wardrobes. Slopeside condos will begin popping up. The shift in marketing to make Alta a destination resort to midwesterners means crowded slopes! Yes! Alta is conspiring to ruin the ski experience - they are putting in a high speed quad - everyone run to the real ski mountains.
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I agree with fudman.
Alta has lost any & all soul.

B]ski elsewhere.... PLEASE[/b]
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Alta will remain pure as long as it keeps the knuckledraggers out!
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Yep, its true, Alta has gone corporate. So you really don't want to ski there anymore. Don't even visit, you'll be too sickened by what you see. Now that the mineral basin link is in there is no way they'll be able to keep the snowboarders out. Best to stay away.

The new lift on sugarloaf seems to make sense, that can be a bit of a chokepoint getting over to Germania and so on anyway. Also, a lot of people seem to use it for skiing the few intermediate cruisers there, go figure.

I hadn't heard that they were going to move the triple to Supreme. ??? You really don't need more traffic up there. Again, p[erhaps they're thinking that they'll give better access to the intermediate cruisers and bump runs, and still be able to control the traffic somewhat, hmm.

Anyway, overall it sounds like it'll be a nice but small change for people, and as someone mentioned, I'm sure they'll take measures to slow things down when neccessary. We are talking about a resort that closes the lower gates until after the hikers have had a chance to get their full shots in, after all.
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I have skiied with Alan Engen, Director of Skiing at ALTA and the son of Alf Engen. Founder of ALTA and several other ski areas. Anyway he told me that ALTA has no intension to allow boarding. So say what you want, but ALTA is for Skiers. Also remember that ALTA was one of the first areas to allow boarders. But it didn't work out. Now, ALTA is for Skiers. Enjoy and keep your bindings up.
[img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by ALTApig:
I have skiied with Alan Engen, Director of Skiing at ALTA and the son of Alf Engen. Founder of ALTA and several other ski areas. Anyway he told me that ALTA has no intension to allow boarding. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Um, re: Boarders at Alta. <---- ***Joking***

I guess irony really doesn't translate to the web very well....but didn't the tip you off a bit? [img]smile.gif[/img]

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