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Dolomite Sintesi 8.5

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comment or review?
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I have a new pair that I will take skiing for the first time this weekend. This boot fit my foot the best (I went to a bootfitter) and it also afforded him some customizing options. I may still need to make some room on the lateral edge of the foot, but I wanted to see if it will be OK after a few days of use. I'm looking forward to using them - wth the fifth buckle. I had a heel lift problem on my Technica's (Explosion 8's)
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Now that I have 3 days on the boot, I'm liking it a lot. I haven't played with the flex adjustments yet - wanted to get the fit and adjustements right and my technique back in line first. I find the forward flex nice and it seems to be less tiring on my legs than my Technica Explosion 8's that the Dolomite's 8.5's replaced. I love the fifth buckle that holds the heel down. It allows for a snug but not too tight fit elsewhere. (To keep my heel mostly down in the Technicas I needed to crank the top middle buckle too much. That was even after a bootfitter applied some cork to the back). The snow feel is good. I have done some good cruising and crud/powder skiing but not serious bumps yet.

I weigh 185 lbs and this still seems to have the power I need. If they fit, get them. But also seek the advice of a bootfitter for alignment and fit adjustments.
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