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Ski Mag's top resorts

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Does anyone know the results of the Ski Magazine Resort Issue? I know that Vail is #1 Deer Valley #2 and Jackson is #9, anyone have the rest of the top ten in order? And for those of us on the east coast whos the top resort out here?
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I know that Whistler was #3, Tremblant #1 in the East.

For whatever the poll is worth.
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from what the local paper here in Salt Lake says,
#1 Vail
#2 Deer Valley
#3 Whistler

Park City cracked the top 10 @7, and the Canyons were ranked 18th.

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They were WANKED? Are there pictures?
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Originally posted by milesb:
They were WANKED? Are there pictures?
Yes there are pictures, but you need to join A xxx rated site :
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1. vail
2. deer valley
3. whistler
4. snowmass
5. beaver creek
6. steamboat
7. park city
8. aspen
9. jackson hole
10. breckenridge
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