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Utah - Here I Come! Need Info

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I have been tracking the weather and Utah is the place to be. The stars have aligned to make the skiing epic from the info I'm getting on the internet. Since I'm a powder addict, I'm dropping everything and heading out from Seattle on Sunday morning and will be skiing on Monday-Thursday and driving back on Friday. I'm thinking of hitting the smaller areas such as Powder Mountain, Snowbasin or Brighton. I have a season pass from Crystal Mountain in the Seattle area that is also good at Brighton. Any info on the areas and cheap lodging would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Sorry for the double post - I guess I'm just too excited.
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28" in 24 hrs. @ Brighton! You go dawg!
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It's all over the place- we had two feet in PC this morning- It was a blast It's still snowing and I'm on first chair tomorrow. I heard a rumor that Little Cottonwood didn't open at all today and I know for a fact that Big was open for just long enough to let people up then avalanched closed tight. They may still be up there, don't know. It's happened before- a couple thousand people stuck overnight sleeping in the hallways and lobbies- kind of a party , actually.
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LCC was closed and it sounds like the resorts were locked in. Noon Sat seems to be the call as of Fri nite. Snowbasin was way awesome today and will no doubt be the same at least thru Sun. Overheard a rental shop guy say it was the busiest day they ever had, but the crowds were still not bad at all. Deer valley was pounded as well and has some really good powder on skiers right that should also hold up well through at least Mon. I also read somewhere that DV will give a free tkt when a boarding pass with arrival into SLC that day is presented at the window. Don't know if this would be the case (assuming it's true) during the holiday perid. I have a midweek there and i'm shut out until EOY. These would be my pics for the next few days. Brighton will likely be very crowded with out of school boarders, and if powder is your gig you can do no wrong at either of these over the next few days.
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As far as lodging goes; I probably can't help much- I always got cheap deals at Cliff Lodge through Amex. And I once stayed in a men's dorm room at Alta Peruvian- four guys on bunks, very nice actually-reminded me of military school (don't ask). I was stuck overnight when the canyon avalanched shut and was interlodged all the next day- total cost $40- They let everyone at Snowbird ski that day, didn't open the road till 3 pm.! They have dorm bunks at Rustler (Alta) too. My cheapo pick in PC is Chateau Apris; way dirtbag , lot's of teenage ski clubs and scout troops. Venerable- those 60"s posters aren't reproductions. cheap but clean. Gotta love the big round Swiss fireplace in the lobby. Sandy? I never considered it 'cause it's on the flats- but a little digging should yield a $30 to $50 room.
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