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Jackson Hole

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Hi all!

Any suggestions on DISCOUNTED lift tix to Jackson Hole?

And also, Sun Valley?

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Hike your a$$ half way up the mt. and they will not check you for a lift ticket. They only scan tickets at the base.
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As a bit of a more traditional response to your question, I really don't know of discounting such as they do at some of the supermarkets and other retailers in cities like Denver and Salt Lake. The Jackson Hole ski corp does offer discounts for multi-day passes and such, and *many* of the lodging places around the valley offer significant lift ticket discounts with their lodging packages.

By the way, if you do decide to hike up, make sure you hike all the way to the Casper, Thunder, or Sublette chairs. The closest chair above the base is Apres Vous, and they most definitely scan tickets at that one.


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Thanks much, both of you. Hiking is out of the question (it is, after all, a vacation...).

I will continue to accept further suggestions.

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