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Dumping in PNW

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Crystal has received 50 in. in the last two days. More to come. The hell with work. http://www.skicrystal.com/img/crysta...cmsnowcam2.ipg

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Lucky is right...finally the Pacific Northwest is getting the biggest storm of the year. It pretty much started last Sunday but really kicked in Wednesday night.

Mt. Hood Meadows has had over 2 feet in 24 hrs. Another foot expected today....another tonight. MHM's website says "...not for the meek...the drive alone will be an adventure." \

Under present conditions, MHM is listing the halfpipe as "buried."

The Cardboard Downhill Derby scheduled for this weekend has been rescheduled for late March because the organizers think it's too dangerous to drive to the mountain.

Upper elevation is way past 100" and is now at 114" with at least another foot coming.

And that lost snow-shoer at Timberline hasn't been since Sunday.
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Where is that drooling smiley when I need it?

Oh, please somebody bring me to Crystal on Sunday [img]smile.gif[/img] (from Seattle's east side)

That snow storm is soooooooooooo good for us.


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It appears that White Pass, Crystal and Snoqualmie got the best out of this storm leaving Stevens and Baker with 10"-13"....

Its March Madness!
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I got a few hours of turns in this morning at Mt Hood Ski Bowl. The low elevation made for really wet heavy snow, but damn, there was at least 3' of new snow. Because of the heaviness,it was almost too much to ski. I know, I know get some fat skis!!!

I will try to get up to Meadows for Saturday, the snow will be drier up there.

Oh, the drive is not too bad. But the drive tomorrow may be much worse with the weekend idjets on the road.

Take care and be safe.

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I will be at Crystal on Sun. and the fatboys will sing.
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Enjoy it guys, the PNW has been hurting all season. Tahoe on the other hand is not looking good at all... what a season..
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