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Which mountain would the Bears recommend?

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Hi everyone,
It's trip planning time back here in the east. A group of 7 to 11 of us go on one good ski trip during the winter. In years past we have skied exclusevly here in the east. This year, however, we plan to take our trip out to western Canada. Most of the group wants to go to Whistler/Blackcomb which sounds great, but I've heard some really good things lately about Lake Louis. Do you guys have a preferance? And if so what are your raesons. The begging of September we're all getting together for a meeting to vote on were to go. I'm just tring to get a little input before hand. Thanks for any help you guys can give.

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Funny you should say that, I've heard some not so good things about Lake Louise - how far is it from the town to the slopes?

My two thoughts would be: Whistler or Kicking Horse. I know Whistler and I like it a lot. I've heard a lot of good stuff about KH, but haven't made it there yet.

Then again, wait for someone who knows better than I to give you a more balanced opinion...

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I think you should be looking at Kicking Horse.
Have fun!
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Go to Whistler if you like crowds and parties.
Lake Louise has great skiing (1/2 hr. from Banff or minutes from townsite of Louise itself, also have Sunshine 20 min. away and Kicking Horse an hour on a good day from Louise.
Personally if I was making the trip out here I would do Fernie for more serious skiing . Also Big White at Kelowna is awsome , for a group it has the most to offer.

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Whistler is great, the only problem might be crowds. I was there during they week and they weren't too bad. The terrain is great, you don't have to go there just for the partying. Hell, I ate at Mcdonalds while I was there! After skiing in a that kinda heavy powder all day, I hit mcdonalds, then crashed for the night.
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It all depends on your criteria, and you didn't give us any.

You should put in order of priority the following:

How important is:
o snow quality
o weather
o night life
o extreme terrain, versus cruising
o cheap lodging versus expensive lodging
o ski school
o accessibility from airport
o are you willing to rent a car, or do you want to just get plunked down

this is just a start, there are probably more criteria, but you should at least tell us this!
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Yah, I guess I should have given a little more info when I asked the original question.

Additional info:

* Trip is planned for early April '03

* 2 very expieranced skiiers (Left Gully, Head wall, etc... @ Tuck's, Paradise, 3 cliffs @ MRG not a problem)

* 5 to 9 advanced skiiers

* Looking for extreme steeps and drops

* Also looking for some good "tiered leg criusers."

* Night life is important

* Proximity of town to mountain is important

* Snow quality doesn't matter because most likely anything out there will be better than back here in the east.

I'm sure there's more but it doesn't really matter. I'm just tring to get an idea of what you guys think is good and what you guys might stay away from.

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If you want a holiday kinda like going to Cabo with snow, make it Whistler. It would be a world class resort even without the skiing. I live in Vancouver area, and since I got a time share up there, I really don't feel any need to jet anywhere for a holiday, at any time of year. The place has it all. Weather is not reliable, but that's why it's known for great pow. The snow is not the light fluff you get at inland resorts, but once you get used to it, I think its superior. If you go in mid Jan to Mid March there should be good skiing top to bottom, otherwise you may have to download the last couple thou vert or ski in slush. Nice thing about Whistler is it's a totally pedestrian oriented. Once there, you have no need for any transport except your legs and a ski lift.

Banff/Lake Louise is a great resort area too, but the snow isn't quite as reliable. Might be a good choice if you're going for sunshine over powder. It can get deadly cold. It's one of the most scenic places in the world.

If you're going strictly for skiing, Kicking Horse may be an okay choice. It was a small local hill known as Whitetooth for probably 30 years, then someone decided to put a gondola to the top. I think they're playing to the uncanny American desire to go someplace BIG, in this case, plenty vertical. There's basically just one big alpine bowl, like any one of Whistler's 7 or 8. At the base of the hill, there is pretty much one place to stay, and few services. The town of Golden nearby is an industrial town that is trying to get used to the idea of having a bunch of goofy international tourists running around. Maybe it will evolve into a real ski destination one day, but for now it is more for ski purists than vacationers. Mind you, lots of people reminisce about "the good old days" at Whistler, but I like the high speed lifts and the cool village of today. Different strokes.

Another option, if you don't mind being mobile: Fly to Vancouver or Calgary, rent a car, and hit a different hill every day or two. There are a dozen or more small to mid-size areas in southern BC, all unique, all thoroughly enjoyable. www.skibc.com is a good resource. Grouse Mountain, 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver, is a delightful place to night ski before catching your morning flight home. Mt. Baker in Washington is closer to larger Cdn towns than US towns, and gets twice the snow Whistler does.

Possibilites are endless! Have fun.
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CERA F, just read your last post before mine.

You want to go to Whistler. Period. Have a great time!
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Whistler definitely I don't think it is even a question as to which one is better
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While I agree with you (oh, and good to see you back online), I think they are looking for something on their own continent! Also, the last time I was in Cham, nightlife was a bit more expensive than US/Canada.
But thanks for a great pic.

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* Looking for extreme steeps and drops
- west cirque , chainsaw ridge, hawaii 5-o

* Also looking for some good "tiered leg criusers."
-fisheye-franz's, dave murray

* Night life is important
-tommy africa's, max fish, savage beagle...

* Proximity of town to mountain is important
- walk to the lift

* Snow quality doesn't matter because most likely anything out there will be better than back here in the east
-all kinds of snow, even the warm clear kind (rare)

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This one

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