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Grand Targhee Places to Stay?

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Wow, this place looks pretty remote. Is there anywhere to stay near Grand Targhee, other than at the resort base itself (which has oppressive minimum stay requirements over the holidays)?
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Went down to the 'ghee a couple years ago with my das. We stayed at the Best Western in Driggs. Dad called my girlfriend and I in our room and asked if we had a remote control. We said yeah, but it didn't work. My dad thought nothing of it, but when we returned to Bozeman, there was a message that if we didn't return the remote control and alarm clock from my dad's room, they would bill his credit card. My dad called the best western and told them that there was no alarm clock or remote in his room and he would consider any attempt to charge his credit card fraudulent and respond accordingly. Well, they charged his credit card. Dad is retired now, but was then a plant manager for GE. He sent an email from his corporate email about the whole thing to the ID attorney general, the Driggs chamber of commerce, the owner of the hotel, the manager of the hotel, the chairman of the board of Best Western, the representative to the board from the rockies (who owned a Best Western my dad had stayed at, he made sure to mentionn he had stayed there and wouldn't again). He got a message back from the hotel basically asking what they had to do to make him stop.

The Best western is pretty dumpy too, but there are a few chain motels in Driggs for cheap. And a couple cute little inns on the ski hill road. One of which i have heard is pretty cool called something teepee i think.

here it is Teton Teepee Lodge, (307) 353-8176. Never stayed there, but friends have told me it is pretty nice.

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There are plenty of places to stay over in Jacksonhole,Wyo. 40 miles away. Some offer a shuttle as part of the packege.
Better night life as well as a better chioce of resturants.
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Was thinking of stopping for a night or two in Targhee just on my way into Jackson (assuming I come straight up the interstate from SLC to Idaho Falls, then over T. Pass). If it works out, great; if not, already have a place lined up in Jackson, so I guess I could just drive straight into Jackson and just do a day tripo over to the 'ghee.

rH, guess I'll scratch the BWestern off my list of options at Targhee though!!I had a car rental outfit try to pull essentially the same thing with my credit card a couple yuears back. Had to file suit against the slugs before they backed off. Anyway, I'll check out the other place you mentioned. thanks much.

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It would be easier to ski at Targhee by making it the front or back end of your trip. Though it actually doesn't take all that long out of Jackson(via Teton Pass), you can get caught taking the long way back through Alpine WY, if you get greedy trying to catch Targhee on a powder day. The Pass closes and you go back the long way.
Targhee is fun, though I can remember braille turns off the top. (nickname-Grand Foghee)
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If you are interested in just a day or two at the 'ghee as part of a trip to JH, I would go to JH, and just stay there. Keep an eye on the ski reports while there, sometimes JH can get dust on crust while targhee can have feet of fresh. A bus service runs from JH to targhee, stops at many of the hotels, and doesn't cost much (if any) more than buying a day ticket. It saves you the drive, plus if it is full on whiteout and you end up spending the afternoon in the bar (it happens!) then someone sober gets to navigate the pass!

Be aware, the grand foghee nickname is well deserved! I have skiied there when i couldn't see the chair ahead of me on the quad. Talk about some vertigo!

Another cool thing to check out is to hire a guide and do some skiing on the pass.

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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rH--gonna do that (ski pass w/ guide), too
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