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Best way to get to Fernie, BC

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Hey gang need some help here. I have two flight proposals to get to Fernie, BC for the Bears meeting.

1. I can fly from Cleveland to Minneapolis/St. Paul and then from Minneapolis/St. Paul to Calgary, Canada, find ground transportation to Fernie.

2. I can fly from Cleveland to Minneapolis/St. Paul and then from Minneapolis/St. Paul to Kalispell, Mt., find ground transportation to Fernie.

I would like not to rent a car and take shuttle a to Fernie. I heard Kalispell is closer than Calgary. So what can you folks help me with here? Can I get it done via Mt.? I think that is my preference. If not how long of a drive from calgary is it?



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Unless you are renting a car most people would go via Calgary. Lots of buses direct from Calgary airport to the resort, see http://www.skifernie.com/gettinghere/
Takes about 4 hours.
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Ed , give yourself 4 hrs from the airport to Fernie this taking into consideration the traffic in Calgary you will encounter (airport is at the north end of the city and the hwy. to Fernie at the south) and the possibilty of bad roads . We usually make it in about 3 hrs. but don't have to deal with the city . The drive from Kalispell up to Hwy. 3 will take you about 2 1/2-3 hrs and then about 30 min. to Fernie , only thing about the south route is the chance of real bad roads is going to higher . Your roughly all things considered damn near right in the middle in driving time .
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I would suggest Calgary as this plan gives you the option of skiing Banff area resorts after Fernie. Also, the highway is better maintained and not mountainous from Banff to Calgary. Further, the drive from Fernie to Banff in the winter is the most beautiful winter ski drive I've done, Europe included.
We did this again last year. We managed to get a "snow rate" from Hertz I beleive and got believe it or not A Navigator for a week unlimited for only $250. Split 4 ways. Had more than enough room plus 4 wheel drive of course.
Hope this helps... TS
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Hey Ed , heres some info re: the closest flight to Fernie. (flights out Calgary)
Location: Cranbrook ,transfer by shuttle
van to Fernie about 1 hr.
Air Line: Air BC /Air Canada

Cost: $ 154.00 + tax Canadian funds
Must stay over a Saturday.
contact: 1-888-247-2262

Anybody wanting to get in on some of the other areas would like this , 15min. from Kimberly, about 1-1/2 to Panorama, 2-1/2 to Kicking Horse.
Also if theres 10 of you getting there at the same time you'll get a group rate but that is unlikely.

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check flights from cleveland to toronto to calgary, this may be cheaper. Or Drive to Windsor, then to Toronto or possibly direct from windsor to calgary. Make use of the CDN dollar and fly westjet(hamilton/toronto) or AirCanada. You may be able to hitch a ride with a calgarian or else make use of the shaker(bus) to Fernie.
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