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socal next week?

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I'll be in LA next week and may have one or two days free. Which of the socal areas should I check out?
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I'll be at my home mountain, Baldy, this weekend and will post Monday. We had a great stretch of consistent snow but it's showing signs of warming up. Still, Baldy is claiming a substantial base (prob'ly 6 feet). There are some nice steeps if you like that.
Also, if you're skiing mid-week, you might try Mtn. High. Larger, more runs. Have only skied the Big Bear area once, early December, on a weekend, so can't say. Again, if mid-week and you're nearer San Bernadino Mountains than the San Gabriels, consider that. (I skied Snow Summit, the birthplace of snowboarding and terrain parks, but have not skied Bear Mtn.)
Maybe MILESB will see this and reply; he's more knowledgeable about it than I am. He might say Mt. Waterman, kind of a mini-Alta (though what powder they got has been packed down by now).
Hope you have a GREAT time. It's been a pretty good year here.

p.s. You can find pics from and links to MTN. HIGH, SNOW SUMMIT, BEAR MTN. on WWW.RSN.COM and try WWW.MTBALDY.COM. <FONT size="1">

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