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Winter Park?

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A friend was talking about it. Who's been there? What can you tell me about it?
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I have skied there 10 or 15 times a year over the last 3 or 4 years, probably more this year since Berthoud is closing. Personally I think it is superior to Vail or Copper or the other big corporate resorts.

The mountain is divided into two major sides, Winter Park and Mary Jane. The Winter Park half pretty much sucks and is just some icy, crowded blues and greens. Mary Jane is incredible, there are some of the best powder stashes anywhere off the Iron Horse chair. The challenger lift is the other major area of interest. There are 8 or 10 long mogul runs that have good corn even in the early spring since they are south facing. Also check out the 4 chutes off the challenger trail, hole in the wall is the farthest to the right and the hardest of the chutes. Its not open much, but when it is it's some of the ballsiest inbound terrain anywhere. Basically you fall and you aren't going to stop for a couple hundred feet and you're going to hit some rocks on the way. At the bottom of the chutes is a big open bowl where a bunch of local kids including myself build some big kickers. There are usually 4 or 5 kickers with nice pow landings as long as the chutes are open, it's good for practicing new tricks. Mary Jane is basically the capital of mogul skiing in Colorado and you can find long, maintained bump runs anywhere on the MJ side of the mountain.

Above Mary Jane is Parsenn Bowl and further over Vasquez Cirque. Parsenn Bowl is pretty windy and the snow is usually pretty crappy and the timberline lift leading up to it always has long lines. Vasquez cirques isn't often open, but it is pretty incredible when it is. We were there on the first day of the season that the cirques was open, and we were up there with a handful of others. No joke thigh to waist deep powder down the huge open bowls, then into the trees dropping 15 to 20 footers like it was nothing at all. It was probably the best run of my life, so if you can get up to the cirque, the 30 minute hike/traverse is well worth it.

Winter Park is about 1 hr. 15 min from Denver if there is no traffic. You have to go over Berthoud Pass which is one of the better maintained in the state and doesn't close too much. I'd definitely reccomend Winter Park if you are considering it. Anymore questions, just ask.
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i'm skiing summit county in march. do you know anything about the train from denver union(?) that heads out and comes back each day? i'm thinking about doing that before i head out toward dillon/keystone.
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Ryan you really coming out? It would be a great time to get the Colorado Bears together.
http://www.skitrain.com/ is the info on the train. Never done it myself, but hear it is lots of fun.
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thanks, kima.

yes, should be early march. with my cousin and whomever else he brings along. will most likely stay in dillon/frisco, someplace inexpensive with shuttle access.
i'm thinking about arriving early, hitting winter park (if that works out). also, have talked to scsa about a day at vail(or beaver creek).
will hit a-basin again, copper and probably one other spot. and key at night.
will keep you apprised (and hang out at the bottom of harmony, lookin'...).
thanks for the train stuff. more questions, i'm sure, as it gets nearer. <FONT size="1">

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Hey Ryan, I think G-Dubs is a little narrow minded in his assessment of winter park. Yes, everything he says about the Jane is true. He has left out the great powder found late in the day on Winter Park. Which is fine by me, that means more for me to enjoy. I also know of some excellent tree areas there that are unbelievable. Let me know when you head up and I can show you all the goods. I average 30+ days there a year.
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Well Nopainnojane please share where you find these powder stashes on the WP side. I will admit that the original Vasquez area and the Pioneer ( I think that is the name) lift have a few good runs, but not many and traversing over there, then having to ride 2 lifts back over to Mary Jane really sucks. I really don't think you are finding any powder stashes in the area around the base and Snoasis and such. But if you are please enlighten me.
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All that I have to say is that you probibly do not ride the Eskimo lift often enough. When I teach, I only get about an hour for lunch and I find some really good stuff in that time. There are also hidden tresure to be found off of Pasiens Bowl as well. Not to mention Topher's Trees.
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Winter Park is a great area with a nice balance of terrain. G-dubs is right in his assesment of the Jane, but I tend to disagree with his assesment of Winter Park and Parsenn Bowl.

The last time I skied Winter Park a total of 12 inches of fresh snow blanketed the area throughout the day. That same snow came into the Bowl and skiing it was a blast. It also made for some good skiing in the glades below.

The Winter Park side of the mountain may be easier, but it does not suck. If you are skiing with a group of skiers with different ability levels, it is a great place for all of the beginnner - intermediates to go and enjoy themselves, while you are out in the Cirque or over on Mary Jane.

As far as the lift lines go, the only line I ever spent more than 2 minutes in was for the high-speed quad out of the Zephyr Lodge area.

Plus now that I hear they are offering $209 season passes. If I only lived in Colorado.........
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there's also a bus from Denver to WP.
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