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Intuitive 74

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Just wondering if anyone has skied these. Comparing with another Atomic BR 9.22, BR 11.20, and K2 Axis x Pro. I am 5'8", 155. Strong skier with good skills. I live in the North west so I see all snow types.
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I've just read something on another forum about the intuitiv 74 : it seems that Dynastar wanted to make an easy ski for the mass, that should compete with the Bandit XX, but - from what I've read - the intuitiv are far less efficient than the bandit, the intuitiv 74 suck, too feeble, don't hold at hight speed. If an intermediate want easy ski, they better have to choose the bandit. And besides, if you've strong skills, just look for something else, a performance ski.
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I haven't skied the Intuitive 74 yet, but I recently did flex one, and talked to their rep. It is much softer than the Mod (Axis) X Pro - probably even a bit softer than the Mod 7/8 (aka, Axis).

Altho the rep was really trying his best to talk up the ski, particularly, the shovel, he didn't try to contradict me when I said something like, "...come on - you know it and I know it - with a flex this soft, this ski is not for a big / aggressive guy".

Tom / PM
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