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Help on Kiwiskiing...........

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As 2001 approaches, I have been giving thought to my 30th birthday. I would really like to go to NZ to see the country and do some skiing, in late August early September.
It seems theese would be good skiing months but I do not know.

Kiwiski & all any advice would be appreciated!

dance for snow
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August/September is a good time to go. Head straight for the south island- it is an amazing place. Queenstown and Wanaka, in particular, are good bases from which you can explore and ski. I spent about 5 months down there after college.

The ski areas there were a little dissapointing. . .they are not really very big and only have a handfull of lifts. Treble Cone was my favorite- (cardrona, and the Remarkables are others) Some of the mountains in the North Island are bigger but the snow is not as good. However, if you are willing to hike or have some $$ to spend on a helicopter, Kiwiskiing can be real good. The south island is really an amazing place. Also, if its not too cold while you are there you should go tramping (hiking).

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We have gevn some info on skiing in NZ. Have a look at message board, under Travel, skiing in NZ. We've skied in Canada and skiing in NZ may be disappointing if you are used to huge ski areas. Treble Cone is a must, and go heli skiing if you can afford it - our dollar is weak so you get lots for your money. Also check out Mt Potts snow cat skiing if they are up and running. If you like steep, then go to Craigieburn - as long as you don't mind rope tows.

We do have awesome skiing here you just have to get it at the right time. We always take our couple of weeks holiday fromt he start of August and generally get the best conditions of the year at Treble Cone.
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Beginning of September is probably the best time to go. Most of the snow is supposed to fall in August and good spring weather in September and before the school holidays.
South Island is the place with Treble Cone and Cardrona being my favourites. Treble Cone is steeper and more challenging terrain while Cardrona is just nice! Potato Wedges with sour cream and salsa along with a beer at the Cardrona Hotel at the end of the day is fabulous.
Stay at Wanaka or if you want the night life Queenstown. New Zealand is really nice and the people very friendly (and that is coming from an Aussie).
The New Zealand ski fields are very different to North America. Smaller, Bald and no trees but worth a visit along with the rest of the country. Check out
See you there!
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I will start planning and may have some more questions soon.
first tho how late does te season run. would early Sept. be too long to wait?!?

thanks again.
try and visit Utah some time in your summer!
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September is normally spring skiing, but last season it had the colder conditions we normally get in August, and August was spring skiing. The wacky weather patterns have been playing havoc, looks like North America is no different this season.

Treble Cone closes at end of September/first week of October, even if it still has great snow. Crowds drop off then and its not worth staying open. The Queenstown resorts and Cardrona stay open trhough Octiber until the snow is gone. The school holidays are usually the last week of September, so the start would be better.

I also think September is the most beautiful month of the whole year to visit the South Island - scenery is awesome. It is starting to warm up, still lots of snow on the moutnains, lakes are really blue from the cold snow feeding them.

I don't know what dollars you are bringing but they will go a long way. A lift pass at TC (single day) was $58 NZ last season. A US dollar is less than half that! Dollar for dollar meals and equipment are similar in prices, so everything will seem real cheap! This includes ski gear, I bought Rossi bandits in 1999 for $899 NZ, went to Canada at start of 2000 and they were $840 CAD. We only got 60c Canadian for our NZ dollar. Hence we bought little gear on our holiday. Mountain Hardwear clothing is cheaper here too - an Etheral FTX Jacket was $800 NZ last season, we saw them for $700 - $800 CAD over there. Don't know why, seems crazy. A ski shop owner we know in Queenstown regulalry has merican families coming in and outfitting themselves from head to toe, cause it is cheaper than at home.
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