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Telluride drive

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What is the best way to dirve to Telluride from DIA? Should I chance it with Route 133 or should I take I-70 and forget the short cut?
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133 is kind of slow over McClure, but it is pretty. If there is any kind of weather, I would stick with 70.
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I'd probably take the I-70 route, especially if you are unfamiliar with the McClure Pass route.

Take the Clifton exit off of I-70, south to Hwy 50, just before you get to Grand Junction, and it will save you about 45 minutes. If you miss it, you have to go further west and through the city.

Have a great time in Telluride!
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Just out of curiosity, if you were driving to Telluride from a major airport, would Telluride be accessed more easily from, say Alberquerqe?
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Everyone, thanks for the advice. I took I-70 to GJ. Nice drive.

Arcadie, I just finished skiing Telluride. Am in Aspen now. Will be in Frisco shortly. That's why I took DIA.
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