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Breck Peak 7

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I did not see a post on this so forgive me if it has been asked already.
Has anyone skied the new Peak 7 area?
Please describe if you have.
It looks like from the map there are a lot of glade areas near the top of the lift?
What would you compare it to as far as the rest of the mountain goes?
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It's as boring and overcrowded as the rest of the place.

Well, actually it's ok. It's really not that large, seems like only a half dozen runs or so. It's slightly more gladed than other parts of the hill. It's serviced by the new Independence lift. Personally, I just can't get excited about skiing it.

The Peak 8 SuperConnect lift is a much better addition, IMHO.

The advantage of new terrain on Peak 7 is that there's less
crowds on Peak 9 and 10 and other areas like 6 chair aren't
as busy.

When you look at the long term strategy, Peak 7 is just the beginning. Vail Resorts plans to put in a new gondola on that side of the mountain, completely redevelop Peak 8, and begin real estate stuff on Peak 7. I can't exactly say I'm enamored with the idea.
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Originally posted by BV:
It's as boring and overcrowded as the rest of the place.

lol. ditto.
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