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Alta & Utah in mid December

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My Brother & I are going to Alta & around the Salt Lake area in mid December. What are some good places to go. Good food, and nice places to go. Neither of us are real party animals. (We still have to answer to the wive's). :
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where are you staying?
there is a fantastic resturant in the town of alta called the shallow shaft.
If you like garlic burgers & beer, the cotton bottom is great.
rivers is a great brew pub with nice food.
market street grill for seafood (dont snicker they fly it in daily)
those are all in-between exiting 215 and getting to alta.
if you tell me where you plan to lay your head I can suggest more.
Snowbird has stepped up their dining quite a bit also.
dont miss the oher canyon.
Big cottonwood has some great skiing @ solitude & brighton as well as fine dining @ solitude.
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