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Fernie Weather Panic

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What the heck is going on!!!! [img]redface.gif[/img] :

Ice pellets are hitting my window and I think we may soon get our first real snow here in the Great Lakes.

Man I have weather on my mind all the time lately and I have been following the snow events or the lack there of in Fernie. :

Does anybody have good news out of British Columbia?


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Here in CO, we've had a warm fall, but it's starting to snow now. It snowed last night and 2 more dumps are forecast for this week.

Think snow!
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Fernie Reort as of 11/19/01
Base Snow 0-0"
Operating Status Plan to open 12/07.
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A. It's November!

B. Almost everywhere in North America is off to a slow start (UT, CO, CA, BC -- don't know about MT/WY)
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MT hasn't seen much snow anywhere. Big Mountain has a man made base and are probably hoping for plunging temperatures and massive precipitation so they can open by saturday. I doubt it.
Turner has a couple inches on top, and skiffs all the way to the base, but it's too hot. it's really, really too damn warm.

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Hey Ed, don't worry yet. What happens in November really is not a solid indicator of what is likely in February. The Lizard Range will scrape plenty of snow from the clouds once the temperatures are correct. When I was mtb riding in mid-October on the Coal Creek side of the Elk River (other bank, opposite Lizard Range), there was snow up high, even though it was 50+ deg F in the valley.

If the weather remains the same in early Jan 2002, then you can start worrying!

Hey Colin, how's that new chair up at Turner? I heard it would be ready by the time there is enough snow to ski. Is that true?
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Just needed the reassurance. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Just played golf here two days ago! Nearly 70 degrees! Snow on the local hills?!? Last night was practically the first night this season that is was cold enough to even think about making any snow...and it's supposed to be back up into the 50's by this weekend. Ski school is supposed to start in two weeks.... Hope this isn't an indication of a brown winter to come!
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Not going till February? No worries, mahn. Lots of precip now and in the long term forecast. The freezing level just has to come down, which it will in the winter; still autumn for another month, eh?

Gotta get out to Fernie one day. But with so many great hills within a morning's drive of Vancouver, why go all that way?

Ciao for now.
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OK, I stand corrected. Two local areas opened up here, each with one run available. Still this is the latest openings in over a decade....
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I've been doing yardwork and pulling the fuel pump out of the tank on one of our Audis in my shirtsleeves today. Just checked my "home" ski area's snow report, and got excited when the page started opening (slow phone line connection) because there was lots of manmade in the tree branches, but then I saw the 8-foot-high pile and remembered when that photo was taken last season.
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