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Berthoud Cat Trip

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Sunday Feb 9th; never above zero degrees all day at the lodge, maniac wind and snow on top; fun yet very professional guides; comfy cat; good food for breakfast and lunch; not sure how many runs but all full of fresh, deep, untracked snow; lots of steep chutes and trees; prompt shuttle bus pickup back to the cat if we did not ski to the cat; skilled group that the guides praised cuz we listened to them making their day easier and a lot of fun; free pair of 1080's in the afternoon, which lightened the load on those jump turns yet they still managed in the deep; skiing out of the trees down to highway 40 through a foot of fresh on a steep pitch with traffic going by and thinking, "Suckers!"; my friends hooting and hollering; some fear; much fun.

I recommend it.
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I've always looked up at thise steep slots above the highway (especially on the last switchback) and wondered what it's like to ski up there. Thanks for sharing!!!
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