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Utah or Colorado April 4-10

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Posted last week with pretty much same question only now saw that Alta got 13" on Friday.
Have to make plane reservations by Sun nite.
Anyone from either place give suggestions????? :
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You'd have to be nuts to choose CO, unless of course you just really want to go there.

Utah's got twice the snowfall to date, and they just got 14" @ Alta (I was there, they weren't jokin').

Ski Utah!
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snowmass just got a nice little dump to add to a total of 14" in four days.
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Unfortunately I chose CO for a mini trip from 4-1 to 4-5. :
Should get 3 days in, and I may go for Loveland/A-Basin/Winter Park not necessarily in that order.
Here's hoping for a nice dump or two before then!
No matter what, it HAS to be better than anything on the East right about now....
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Aspen snowmass update 22" in past 5 days. knee deep on top ie. the cirque 12,500ft
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8" at Copper today, Good Day!It was snowing hard @ Loveland on the way home. Better looking Snow Bunnies in Colorado!
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I'm liking the way things are shaping up in CO for my trip out there. I can't wait.
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