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Jackson Hole Report

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Skied On Saturday the 1st of Feb. Jackson has been getting dumped with what I would say is pretty heavy wet snow. About 4 feet or more in about a week. The temps both at night and during the day have been quite warm. In town on Friday night it did not drop below freezing. Needless to say the bottom 1/2 of the Mt. was pretty sloppy. All that being said, The upper part of the Mt. is is great shape. That is not to say the snow is great, only to say it is covered just about like it should be by this time of year.

Keep in mind when reading the snow reports at JH that often a boarder is writing them, and a boarder has a higher tolerance for poor snow. Saturday was very crowded, and since it rained for a couple of hours on Saturday night, I did not ski on Sunday. My guess is that is snowed up top and sleeted down lower, and rained at the base, but that is just speculation on my part. (Saturday evening)

Can't see many rocks any more, and lots or the steep stuff is covered well. Guess I am a litle spoiled, and want 2 ft of fresh light snow every day.

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Hi trying to plan a trip to that area. Any idea if the snow in Targhee is any better? Would you book a five day trip to J. Hole Wy or another area?

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I have no first or even second hand info on the Targhee conditions. Its base is higher so it should have less slop at the bottom. It also gets (generally) more snow out of any storm so once again it should be better.

Keep a couple of things in mind. Jackson can change on a moments notice. The airport low for the next four days are forcasted to be zero, and the highs no more than 15. That along with expected snow should be good. The other thing is locals get jaded. Any eastern skier would have been very happy with the conditions this weekend. I am spoiled.

I have friends coming out the first week of March. There is really a good base, and we are entering the heaviest snow fall time of the year. So JH should be just fine, with the potential being there for it being spectacular. Pays your money and takes your chances.

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I skied at Targhee on Sunday the 2d and intend to go back this Thursday and for the weekend. Targhee is sufficiently covered. The upper half of the mountain was pretty nice on Sunday. It rained low on the mountain last week so things have been firm down below. It is snowing a little at a time this week so things should soften up sufficiently to make it good by later in the week. Or, at least, that is my hope.
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