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A Lost Friend(Ski Area).....

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Last fall I received an email telling me that Pine Ridge, the ski area I had worked at as both an instructor and a patroller for the better part of my adult life would not be opening. The owners sold had it off to a local developer. It appeared at first that the land was going to be developed into house lots. Many people were quite disappointed, myself included. Pine Ridge was a warm and friendly place, everybody knew everybody else. It was a GREAT place to learn to ski. Many children from the surrounding towns learned to ski at Pine Ridge then moved on to the Larger Wachusett Mountain (about 20 minutes away). It was also a great family place.
I just got an another email about, Pine Ridge Ski Area, Barre, MA. The new owner of the property will be opening it as a SKI AREA. The former learn to ski director has been asked to run the operation. As a former employee, I have been asked to return. I will not be returning as a patroller, that certification has expired. I will however, be returning as an instructor. In the past, the area has had many instructors who were not PSIA certified. I was one of them. The goal now is to have only PSIA instructors. I will be participating in a PSIA level 1 certification course this fall, the only problem...the final weekend of the course is the weekend of the ETU. I am currently in communication with the area that is offering the IT to see if there is any way I can do my final week at another time.
I just got off the phone with the NEW general manager(I guess you would call him). This new owner has plans for the area. These plans include the installation of at least one new lift and completing all of the maintainance and upkeep on the area that has long been ignored. I am psyched! It's great news for the community!

Here's an article/write-ups I wrote on Pine Ridge.
Pine Ridge page on New England Lost Ski Area Site

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Very cool! Good luck to you. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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