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what a weekend!

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Wow. I had a REALLY bad ski experience this weekend. We took the Amtrak ski train to Big Mountain, Montana, from Portland, Oregon. I should have known there would be problems when it was 70F in Portland when we left at 5 PM! As it turned out, it rained 2" on Big Mountain on Friday, and just as we got to Whitefish, temps plummeted.

The end result? Try transplanting the VERY smooth long track speed skating rink at Salt Lake City Ice center to mid-mountain. uGGGGG! They should have completely shut down the hill! The noise alone would make you go deaf! Utterly unbelievable, couldn't have any worse luck.

As our deal was packaged, they couldn't refund our ticks, and with no snow in the forecast, we headed right back to Portland that night!

28 hours of the 41 hour ski trip on the amtrak train. Our only saving grace was a couple great pitchers of moose drool at the Bulldog tavern downtown Whitefish and some olympic hockey! Any other horror stories from this weekend out there? I need a shoulder to cry on!

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I heard of a guy that got shot with one of those rubber bullets Saturday night at the "riot" in Salt Lake City outside Bud World. That probably sucked pretty bad.
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Tom -

What are you doing hanging around a dive like Bulldog's with its politically incorrect bathrooms? You should be ashamed of yourself.

You definitely went to the wrong 'Big' in Montana this weekend. Saturday at Big Sky was decent but Sunday was great. The temperature was mid 20, 6 inches of powder when the lifts started and 5 more during the day. No lines except for on the tram.

PS - Funny you went all the way to Montana for Moose Drool since they bottle it in Portland.

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