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working at a resort

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Hi i waws lookin around for a job this afternoon online and came across a page that listed jobs for ski resorts ( www.coolworks.com ) I came up w/ the crazy idea of trying to get a job for awhile around christmas and get some free skiing. Im 16 and live in Ohio. It's cool with my parents as long as i take a friend and can get the time off from school. im just looking for some advice or ideas on where to look. (or maybe a hookup from a fellow bear that already works at a resort)I'm thinking of workin from like dec. 27- jan. 20 something , while they're bussy. any advice is appreciated
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I'm probably the least qualifed person to comment on this as I've never worked at a ski resort & don't live in the US, but...

Skiing jobs with UK ski companies usually require you to be over 18. Early January is one of the least busy parts of the season, at least in the Alps. Most jobs I've seen advertised want you for all of November - March not just for a few weeks. Also the pay is c**p and don't forget you'll be working some of the time you'd like to ski.

Still, maybe someone else can be a bit more positive (and helpful!). www.natives.co.uk is a good site for info on working a season - it's very European biased but you will find the stories amusing.
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Bad time of year to have a job at a ski resort. If they do get snow the resort will be busy and you will be working long hours and won't get much skiing in. If they don't get snow you won't get any hours, might nto be able to ski and you'll go broke. If you do attempt this my advise is to look for a resort that has night skiing so you can work days and ski nights or vice versa.
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I say go for it Jared, then again, I am 22 and moving out west to work at a resort shortly. The thing to make sure is that being 16 you can find something that pays...unless your parents are willing to put up some money.

Kind of a tangent...but what does everyone thing would be the best resort job to have?


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I notticed that alot of the places have cheap or free housing.So lets say 300 for food 250 for plane ticket and 200 for watever. thats 750. I get a job at $8/hr (bussin tables or whatever)
$8 x 8hrs x 4 days/week x 3weeks = $768 i brake even but then thers taxes so i get 3 weeks of night and whenever im off skiing for a couple hundred $$. i think thats a pretty good deal. tell me if my numbers are way off and also to go along w/ Ski Monkey what would be a cool job. If i can, i have good knowledge of computers(ran a small computer repair, upgrade, sales company of my own 2 years ago) and i would like to get in the IT department at a resort and just fix the computers or whatever.
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sorry this was a double post

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