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Summit County

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I had posted a message a while back about Vail and that some college friends and I were interested in taking a long weekend at the beginning of April and skiing Vail. The many suggestions were great and I really appreciated them, and with that said, a few people suggested that Vail would not fit our measely college budget, which has turned out to be the case (we were looking at spending less than $700).
Summit county has seemed to turn out to be the best option as far as skiing and airfare. We would be flying from Charlotte, NC and I have found a package which includes airfare, four nights lodging in Keystone (right off Highway 6) and SUV rental car for $500 a person. We'd be interested in skiing A-basin and Loveland, hence the reason for staying at Keystone. I'm just wondering if in anyone's opinion this is worth seeking further, or if we should wait until the season progresses to see if conditions at these places would be worth the trip, or if there would be a better area to consider.
By the way, we are pretty much intermediates (I know A-basin is pretty hardcore, was there two years ago but would love to go back) and skied Squaw Valley last year, but are interested in something a little less intense and a little laid back (i.e. the "beach"). As mentioned I have been to A-basin previously as well as Loveland. Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch.

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The Outback area at Keystone has plenty of everything to play on as well as A Basin can give you all that you are looking for. There's no reason at all that you couldn't shoot over to Vail for a day of skiing, it's only about 25 minutes from Keystone. I definitly think you should also take the time and ski Copper, only about 15 minutes away. You'll fall in love with the place for sure.

Do the trip cause the money for the package isn't bad, but don't lock yourself into Keystone/Abasin only tickets. You can get some discount lift tickets at any Ski shop in Summit County, so don't leave without skiing Vail, especially the back bowls, and Copper it also has wide open bowl skiing that any intermediate skier can handle.

Maybe i'll run into you.

Hey, check out a web site called VBRO.com for condos around the Summit County area. Might save you some money

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I'm not sure what your question is.

If you can find a place to stay in Summit County you will have eight ski areas withen a short drive.

Get four people, find a cheap airfare, rent a car.

Beaver Creek
Winter Park (45-60 minute drive)

Lot's of skiable acreage. All types of terrain at each place.


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i do practically this same thing every april that you might consider. stay in denver and drive out to summit county. the hotels are cheaper in denver, there's more nightlife at Lodo than in summit county in april and the rockies games have started, but thats a lot of daily driving (90 miles from denver to abasin).
if you cant find a place cheaper than 60 a nite in april, something is wrong and drive out to vail if they have good snow, its only 25 miles.
i'd stay in breck(nitelife,shops,atmosphere,restaurants) and drive/take bus to ski whatever has the best coverage if i was going to stay in summit county in april. i'd think you'd have keystone village all to yourselves after the lifts close in april. just not a lot happening in keystone in april, might want to check keystone's website and make sure they have some even going on when youre there. then, you know they'll still have all the resort going after the lifts close.

and try to find out where the colorado bears will be that weekend.

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I wouldn't worry much about the snow conditions in Summit County in April. Anything can happen, of course, but in Colorado's highest county, April usually brings great conditions--often the best of the year!

You're right about the night life, though. Things do dry up around here, usually right after Easter. That's good news for lodging deals, lift lines, and two-for-ones at the restaurants, but not good if you're looking for excitement apres-ski. Denver probably is better there. Yes, the Rockies will be playing baseball--and the Avalanche should be playing playoff hockey. LoDo Denver can get pretty rowdy!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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