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Aspen Highlands

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Anyone been there recently? In particular, how's Highland Bowl? Is it all open? How's the snow?

Pinhed and I are going as soon as we get the thumbs up!
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I was in Aspen last week and skied Highlands during the snowstorm on Wednesday. The skiing was fabulous and no one was there! Highland Bowl was open. Go and have a GREAT TIME!!
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It's open all the way to G-9.
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I would go ASAP
word from friends in Aspen is it is good, really good.

I am interested to see if Vail can still hold your interest after a few days @ highlands.
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Boys and Girls,

Let's just say this ole cowboy is really looking forward to Highlands. It's a mecca, no doubt about it. Possibly the greatest single hill in North America and full of great (that's my definition of great) skiers. The friggin United Center of skiing. I can't wait!

Remember. Highlands is only 70 miles from the new home office in Eagle - the SCSA compound. Safe to say, you can expect to see me around there starting next year. Maybe you and I can hook up?

I'm going week after next. Pinhed too.


1) I'm looking at the map on their web site. Are the runs to the left of the Lodgepole lift (Boomerang, Temerity) part of Highland Bowl?

2) Do you have to hike to get to Highland Bowl? If so, how long of a hike is it?

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The runs to the east off of Loges lift are Steeple Chase. Fall line runs espically good first thing in the morning. Temerity is a short traverse south, lots of hidden tree shots.
Highlands bowl opens about 10:00am. There is a free snowcat that will take one up about 300 vertical or about 1/3 of the way, after that everyone hikes. If you are lazy you can take the cat and ski the lower part of the bowl from the drop zone. If your a fast hiker, just blow off the cat for a 30 minute hike to the fun deck or ozone. Figure about an hour r/t.
Late afternoon ski off the west side of loges
into Oly bowl for the best afternoon sun.
I'll be in town for ten days starting 23rd if
you need a really good guide.
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I will be out there the 10th-15th thank you everyone for your insights. SCSA maybe I will see you there.
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Shred and Todo,

I'm following the snow. Next snow, I'm there.
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