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Tahoe questions

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Thinking about making Tahoe a long weekend destination next year, with a main focus on Squaw. If I go to Squaw, what other resorts are close by that also rock? Thanks!
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Alpine Meadows, North Star, Sugarbowl, Homewood, heading down towards the Southlake...Kirkwood and Heavenly.
It really depends on what your definition of "rock" and "close" are.

Did I miss any??? <FONT size="1">

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My definition of 'rock'; challenging with great terrain. I like steeps, trees, chutes, bumps.. what some places like to call 'terrain features'. Also, I guess what I mean by close is about 30 minutes? maybe 40 minutes to 1 hour (max) if it's really worth it. About how far are Kirkwood and Heavenly from Squaw?
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not to offend anyone... but I think heavenly is for rich folks, and it is mostly groomed cruisers. Kirkwood is pretty far but should be well worth it. My favorite resort is sugarbowl. What it lacks in high-speed chairs is made up by excellent terrain on top. If you want steeps you've got it, a few chutes, and some really fun cliff bands. If you look hard under silverbelt or off crow's nest peak you can almost always find powder stashs. Hope this helps, have fun and rip a line for me!
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I gotta go with Super-mat on this one. Sugarbowl is great and Kirkwood is definitely worth the drive. I also think you'd like Alpine Meadows (and it's 10 minutes from Squaw)

Have fun!!
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If you Mott canyon is open at Heavenly on the nevada side you can get lots of good steeps and if you look for the coupons you can get good deals at Heavenly. If you decide on Heavenly, either enter on the Nevada side (Stagecoach base for intermediate and advanced Boulder base for Beginners), or head straight for the Nevada side. A lot of times the better coupons are for Nevada entry too.
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How far is Kirkwood from Squaw?
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Kirkwood is about 45 Min from South lake Tahoe and South lake tahoe is about 1 hour from Squaw in normal traffic. If you haul butt you might shave a few minutes off but I would not suggest that in the winter with the winding roads.
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Hey Mack,

More opinions on Tahoe. Purely personal, of course.

Squaw is my favorite for both variety of terrain and challenge.

About 3 miles south of Squaw lies Alpine Meadows. Smaller than Squaw but still good terrain. Cheaper with fewer crowds.

Northstar is about 20 miles from Squaw, to the East, and not really worth the trip. It's medium sized but I think it's a bit boring. It also doesn't usually get as much snow as the others. Even if I stay in Incline Village, which is closer to Northstar, I head to Squaw or Alpine.

If you go to Tahoe and the roads are open on the South side of the lake, I STRONGLY recommend taking at least one day at Kirkwood. It's a tough drive, especially when it's snowing but worth every minute. Kirkwood isn't huge but the terrain is simply amazing. It's the first place in my life I ever looked at an inbounds, marked, named run at a ski area and said "nope, won't ski it." Squaw was the Second and Whistler was the third. Note that this is after living in Colorado for 3 years.

Anyway, I've never driven from the North Shore to Kirkwood but I'd estimate it's 90 minutes at least.

Heavenly is in the South and, despite being the biggest at the lake, is one of my least favorite places to ski. Gunbarrel is a phenomenal, long, bump run and Mott and Killebrew are fun areas, but the mountain is so poorly laid out that it's not worth the effort. You spend more time riding lifts and skating cat trails than skiing.

Sugar Bowl is a great little mountain but I think that if I only had a week in Tahoe, I'd skip it. I ski Sugar Bowl several times a season and the terrain on top is excellent but I choose it mainly because it's SO close to the Bay Area and usually uncrowded.

For a first-time trip to Tahoe, if you've only got a weekend, I'd recommend staying in Tahoe City and skiing Squaw. I can recommend a good value hotel if you need me to. I've never actually stayed in Squaw Village but Tahoe City is only about a 10 minute drive away. Java Stop has the best coffee and is right on the way

For a week, I'd again stay in Tahoe City. Assuming conditions were OK everywhere, I'd ski the first two days at Squaw, the third day at Alpine, the forth at Kirkwood, and then repeat your favorites for the fifth and sixth

Hope this helped.

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Skied Heavenly, Sierra, Kirkwood and Squaw Valley the last week of March. Squaw was great, Kirkwood was like a mini Whistler, Sierra was really small but exquisite snow. Heavenly was horrific. Confusing layout, and the snow conditions were miserable. View was magnificent though. Get yee to Whistler at that time of year.
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