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Which Salomon skis would you recommend?

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Hi all,

I'm 5'7", 165lbs, and I currently ski Atomic 9.18 Beta Carve in 180 length, which I purchased in the '99 - '00 season.

I ski mostly in the North East. I like to ski groomed trails for the most part, and I'm not into bumps. I usually ski most blacks, but have not graduated to double diamonds to any great extent. I can make it down a few of the killington ones, but I wouldn't call it fun yet.

Maybe it's me, but I find these skis slow these days. I can't let them run without turning or they chatter and I start to catch edges. They seem to like short turns, but I feel like I want to go faster and make longer turns.

I have a chance to get a Salomon ski at a good discount, and I'm thinking about the Crossmax 10, maybe in 175.

Does anyone have a better suggestion, and/or some advice on which length to get?

I'll be in Killington in a few weeks, and I can always demo them from the Basin Ski shop, but I'd love some input from the experts here!

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I would put you on a 165cm ski.

I will demo all the Salomon skis this Friday at Okemo. When I get back on Tuesday I'll try and post something on the Review Forum.

But right now the Hot's sound like a good bet for you along with a lesson. Or may be a lesson first then new skis.

If you can make it to Okemo, Salomon has free demos for three day's.

Check there web site. www.okemo.com
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I tested a bunch of Salomons at their free demo weekend last weekend. Here is the link to the thread, which includes my "reviews":

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2v without the plate 180cm
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If you like the Crossmax series, I would go with the 9 instead of the 10. The 10 has been upgraded since last year, stiff and less forgiving, even though it is a softer skiing ski. The 9 is last years 10 with some modifications. 9 over the 10 especically since you are coming of the Atomic 9.18.

The Hot would also be a good choice, would allow you to ski the soft stuff better.

Lenght, I would go with the 165cm, due to your weight. I weight 215lbs and for the east I would ski a 175cm.
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The Crossmax 10 is a real fun ski. It will do all the things you are asking. It will do bumps, but doesn't like to unless you are really on top of them. Since you are not a bumper, this would not matter to you. I would also suggest shorter, but 175 as a max length.
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Thanks for all the input, everyone.

I know I can always use more lessons - it's much easier for an instructor to see what I'm doing wrong than for me to figure it out. I think I'll do that when I'm out West and have some time to practice what I'm taught.

I think I'll try the Crossmax 10 in 165, based on the comments above. If that doesn't feel good, I'll give the 9 or the Hot a try.

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The info from Salomon Factory Rep is that the 165 has the same floatation as last year's 170. (shorter but a touch wider) I just got my replacement pair from last year and they sent me the Crossmax 10 912ti (space frame) I was on the Crossmax 10 pilot and the tails started to delam a small amount.

I just went over the tune on them out of the wrapper and they were actually very flat with a 1/1 degree base/edge and quite sharp. All I had to do was add a little structure,touch up the edges and wax (for now) Nice that Salomon stands behind their product. This was a warr replacement. I'll give you my impressions after I get a chance to ski them tomorrow or this weekend!

PS. I'm 5'8" and 155 lbs and last seasons 170 was about as long as I would go. I demo'd it in a 180 and 160. I almost went with the 160!
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Thanks Dchan, I'd like to hear your impression of that ski. What's the difference between the 912 and 914 bindings?
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Dave the difference in the bindings is mostly one of DIN levels. The 912 goes up to 12 and the 914 goes to 14. Ti mean titanium materials.
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This year Salomon is selling the 912 in the Ti version only. The 914 is a non-Ti binding. It has a higher DIN range and weighs about 30% more.
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Yeah, looks like the 912s will do me fine...I don't need to go to 14!
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First impression..

Out of the wrapper, these things were flat bottom (wow that was a suprise) the bevel (1/1 Degrees) was dead on. (again a pleasent suprise)

Those binding are so light they feel like they are plastic. Thank goodness for that as the skis are quite heavy. The new plate/pilot binding is "way up there" Just as high as my 10.3v SL race plate/912 ti combo.

As soon as I put these skis on the snow I was smiling.

These skis are great. They are rock solid, and turn like a SL ski. In the Sierra we are skiing on Spring hard pack in the mornings and sticky mush afternoons. I have not taken them off piste yet because that was pretty much rough cement.

A word of warning, These are not as forgiving as the older version of the crossmax. In fact I found them almost as demanding as my 10.3v

Great edge hold, stable at speed and a 14Meter radius (rated) side cut. Don't let yourself get in the back seat!
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Thanks for the review, dchan. I'm going to rent them when I go to K-mart in a couple of weeks and see how I do.
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