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Another binding mounting position question

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I just received my new skis (Atomic R:EX 168cm with Atomic R412 EX bindings) from Telemark-Pyrenees and, overall was very satisfied with the transaction. Their customer service is top notch. However, there was one mistake as far as I can tell, the setting of the binding length. My boots were unable to click into the bindings because they were set too big. I did give the shop my boot sole length so they could set the length correctly. Also, the bindings were set to different lengths with one being about a half turn of the adjustment screw (about 5 clicks) larger than the other. After doing a search on the topic and reading the owner's manual I have set the binding length so that the adjustment screw is flush with the heel piece when the boot is clicked in. I'm assuming this is the correct length. Before skiing I will definitely have a binding check done by an authorized technician.

But, since the shop messed this up, I am wondering if they messed anything else up. My main concern is about the actual placement of the binding. I understand the R412 EX bindings are a toe mount binding. With the Variozone setting at the Allaround position, when I click the boot into the binding, the midpoint arrow of the boot matches up exactly with the midpoint line of each ski. Is this enough to assume the bindings have been mounted in the correct location on the ski? Thanks in advance for the info!
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Without the actual boot at the shop, it might be for the setting to be out a few millimeters. It is not uncommon for boots to have a 2mm error from the moulded in number. Different factors during curing/setting will result in the variances.

If the toes are mounted the same, and the Variozone setting is the same for both skis, and the boot center lines both match to the skis, and both boots are the same size (some people have different sized feet requiring boots of different size), then the mounting of the toe is correct. When the boot is in the binding and the forward pressure screw is flush to the housing, that is proper. Check that the heel units of both skis are mounted the same. There should be equal distance from the end of the heel track to the heel unit and the same ammount of adjusting band showing on both aswell.
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Altho not predrilled, the REX's have little dimples with boot length range numbers marked on the ski, so it would be hard to screw it up.
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