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Best resort for non-skiers?

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I am hoping to arrange a family trip along with cousins/grandparents and am hoping to convince everyone to go to a ski resort. Since there are a few that don't ski, I was wondering what resort has the best variety of non-skiing activities? (BTW, they don't drink either).

What would be your recommendations? I was thinking Utah/Colorado but would be open to suggestions.

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Trying to think about a ski resort and not skiing really puts my mind into a knot. Most of the mountain town ski resorts in Colorado have nice towns around them, but the only thing I can think that you can do is shop. I know most ski resorts rent snowshoes that people sometimes hike up the mountain on.

I guess if you have a lot of money, Aspen would be good since it seems most people while they are there on a ski vacation don't seem to be skiing, they must be finding something to do.

Breckenridge might be a good compromise, not too pricey, and has a nice town close by with a long main street with shops on both sides.
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Anywhere in South Tahoe. You can ride and they can play their hearts out. Heavenly's new chair is actually across the intersection from a casino. Like curb side. Its strange. Anyone can stay busy in Tahoe.
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Supermat has got the right idea, but I would reccomend that you opt to stay in Reno. The skiing in the region may not be the absolute best that can be brought to mind, but the options that are available in the Reno area in conjuction with the Lake Tahoe skiing is unbeatable. Excellent skiing is but 30 minutes away and the 4400 foot altitude of Reno should dispel any altitude sickness problems in the group.You might look at packages at the Silver Legacy in Downtown Reno. It is very well located and should certainly meet anyone's standards. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Aspen has many activities & sights, but mostly outdoor & pricey.


Stay in downtown Salt Lake City & ski the 4 cottonwood resorts. There is enough to do in the city to keep non skiers happy, especially if your older family memebers have any interest in the family history.
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If your people are not into gambleing and you want a ski town with lots of activities for unskiers Then look at Park City.3 Mountains,Park City Mountain Resort,Deer Valley, and The Canyons thats 7800 acres of skiing all within 10 mins from anywhere in town. Need more skiing? Big and littel Cottenwood Canyons are less an hours drive.Then there is Snowbasin( Home to the Olympic Downhill race )It's about a 45 min drive from Park City.
You can check out The Winter Sports Park home to the Olympic ski jumping, Bob Sled and Luge events as well as a Winter Sports museum. Park City is a real ski town with a history That goes back over a 100 years. An Old Western Silver Mining boom town that now host skiers from all over the world.Most of the building on Main St. date back to the 1880's Park City will host 60% of the Alpine events for The Olympics.Main St has great Shops,Art Galleries,Brew Pubs,Clubs with live music and dancing, and fine Restaurants.( Grappa Italian resaurant was named the best restaurant in the Rocky Mountains ).If your looking for more family style dinning we have plenty of that to. There is the new Eccles 1500 seat theater for dance, Jazz concerts, and other cultural events.If your unskiing family needs more to do they can go to Salt Lake City.All of this is less then an hour from The Salt Lake City Airport.You can literly land in the morning and be on the mountain by 1 PM.Park City and Utah Have a lot to offer.
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There is no doubt about it, the best place to bring non-skiers is Vail, CO. With the shops, skiing, dining, and fun at Adventure Ridge, your sure to have a great time. I love this place and would recommend it to anyone.
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