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WHERE are the narrow trails in NH & VT???

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Looking for tips...

I'm pretty tired of the wide boulevard trails. Where have all the "old-time", narrow, winding alpine trails in New England? Doesn't have to be a black. Blues can be fun too when narrow enough.

VT and NH of greatest interest..

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Here you go...

1) Rumble: This could be the narrowest in NE.
2) Hammerhead on Sugarbush North: Great trail seldom used
3) The Mall: Narrow enough, consistent steep fall line with great bumps.

1) National
2) Goat

1) Skidder: some of the best bumps in the East.
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Originally posted by Pow Junkie:
Here you go...

1) National
2) Goat

PJ- You obvously haven't been to Stowe in quite some time. Liftline and National have been recut so wide that they resemble an open bowl at the top. Goat and Starr are still narrow.

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steep and narrow are my favorite types of trails. here are a few suggestions:

look for old former lift lines, whether they are marked trails or not (cannon has a few unmarked that are awesome runs). burke, VT has a few narrow trails. there are some narrow shots at cannon/mittersill. black, nh has some narrow trails, but not that steep. magic has some good narrow pitch (red line, broomstick). that's all i can think of right now.
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Stowe is certainly a great place for the narrow, old school trails. Goat is certainly the king of them all, but there are other, lesser known gems. A personal favorite is Whirlaway on Big Spruce. Another great Big Spruce narrow trail is Smugglers. Over on the gondola side, Chin Clip is a fun bump run, a little wider than the others, but long and secluded.
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Cannon has its share of marked narrow(ish) winding runs. Middle Hardscrabble, Upper Ravine and Upper Cannon all immediately come to mind. Do a little hiking at hit Mittersill -- the first half of the old Barron's trail is narrow.

And, if you don't mind ducking ropes, the paths of the old chairlifts are still around.

Ultimate in narrow though are the gladed runs!
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Jay Peak:
1) Everglade : no place for error here!
2)U.N. : narrow with moguls
3) Power line

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Stowe, VT has the "front four" that will get you with their steepness, iciness, moguls and, in the case of Goat, their narrowness.

you can always duck into glades to make things narrow
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Huh, yeah its been bunch of years since i've been there.
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Sorry to inform you about Stowe. Yes, Goat is steep and somewhat narrow. The very upper section is closed due to lack of snow. You enter Goat from Liftline. The trees to the left of goat are open and skiable, so it makes the trail ski wider than it really is. Liftline and National are now groomers and, as noted before, have been widened out to boulevard status. Starr is steep but was closed last week.

I remember skiing Stowe 20 years ago and it was much harder then. I was a worse skier when I worked there then too.

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Jaws at Mt. Snow is Good and narrow, and usually has the best snow on the mountain. No grooming though, so if it is icey, it is a death trap.


Challenger is narrow, heck, the entire North face is narrow except for plummit.
On the main face, Uncles Hop, Ledge, lodge, easy runs One more time, At Carintia , Narrow gage is. Heck, the hole mountain has narrow stuff.

With the fresh snow, it is all very good right now as well!

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deleat dupe

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i think we need to define 'narrow'! LOL. narrow in my book is no wider than 15 feet in width. the really cool trails are less than 10 feet or a ski width or so. some trails mentioned i wouldn't consider narrow. it's kinda a subjective question though... cheers!
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