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Alta is Open

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Today was the big day - Alta is open. They have had HUGE amounts of snow in the past week. Like 100" total. Probably one of the best opening days in memory.

Who was there?

AltaPig? Utah49? matt_davis?

Let's here all about it.
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It was sick!!!
I only skied until noon, but it was the best opening day I remember in a longtime.

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Its killing me sitting in my office looking out at the mountains, knowing, about all that great Utah snow.

...Saturday is mine!
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anybody got a 5 day forecast for the Wasatch?
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how bout 24 hrs

Cottonwood Canyons Forecast
Prepared by the National Weather Service, Salt Lake City
for use in snow safety activities and emergency management
Date/Time Issued: Wed Nov 28 15:23:38 MST 2001
Synopsis: ***winter storm warning tonight through midday friday*** A strong moist pacific warm front will move through tonight and thursday morning...and the associated cold front will move through tomorrow night. The ridgetops will be windy under strong southwest flow tonight...then shift westerly Thursday afternoon...and northwesterly around midnight Thursday night with the cold front. A stable prefrontal atmosphere will gradually destabilize tomorrow as cold air moves in aloft.

Forecast for 0-12 hours (beginning at 05:00 or 17:00)
8000 Foot Temperature: 20-23
Weather: snow developing by late evening...heavy at times
Most Likely Snow Amount: 6-8 Probability: 70 %
Next most Likely Amount: 9-11 Probability: 30 %
Ridgetop Wind Speed: strong
Wind Direction: sw
Comments about the Wind: gusts over 60 mph
Lightning: no

Forecast for 12-24 hours (beginning at 05:00 or 17:00)
8000 Foot Temperature: 25-28
Weather: periods of snow
Most Likely Snow Amount: 6-9 Probability: 70 %
Next most Likely Amount: 10-12 Probability: 30 %
Ridgetop Wind Speed: strong
Wind Direction: becoming w during aftn
Comments about the Wind: decreasing to high end moderate during aftn
Lightning: no
Remarks: Weak warm front Saturday night for chance of snow. A decent storm on Monday...with perhaps strong storm on Wednesday.
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I'll be there this weekend.
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