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Going to be in Whistler for 5 days with the family the last week in March. Anyone out there have any good ideas on where to stay, or some good deals. I've checked with Moguls for a package and they have some decent rates, but I thought I'd check to see if someone who stayed there recently, had a preference. Thanks for the info.
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try www.alluradirect.com for accomodation esp if your looking for more of a family style place. I've always found something on thier site, although it requires a little extra time contacting owners it can work out cheaper.
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try www.skirun.com

you might be able to get into a group trip (added onto someone else's group) through them with a full family you can probably get a condo of your own.

Also try http://www.extremelycanadian.com

They have a lodge that includes quite a bit. I'm not sure how competitive the rates are since I'm always booking my ski trips via a large group travel agency.
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