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Breckenridge rentals. HELP!

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Evening, friends.

I emailed the guys at Breeze to see if they had a Pocket Rocket for my trip this weekend. I am staying in Breckenridge Thursday night to Sunday night, skiing Friday to Monday. Unfortunately Breeze, the old reliable's, do not have a Pocket Rocket at all, neither a 165 nor 175. I highly prefer this ski and would rather shop around to find it, even if I had to go to Keystone to rent it, than to settle for something less. I realize this is a demo package, and I am willing to pay extra for it.

DOES ANYONE KNOW OF A BRECK/KEYSTONE RENTAL SHOP THAT CARRIES THE POCKET ROCKET, PREFERABLY IN A 175 BUT ACCEPTABLY IN 165? IF NOT A POCKET ROCKET, THEN A SCRATCH BC? ALSO EQUALLY ACCEPTABLE IS THE ROSSI B3. If you have seen a pocket rocket, B3, or a scratch bc in a rental shop anywhere near the keystone/breck area, please let me know. An email would be great (chinto97 at yahoo.com), but this forum is ok too. Like I said, I leave Thursday, so I'd like to know by wednesday afternoon.

Thanks immensely!
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Are you flying into Denver? If so, check the Denver locations or the other Breeze locations on the way up. The Steamboat location had them last year, but maybe PR's aren't in inventory this season?
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I get into Denver at 7:30 at night though... Would they be open? I'll call around. Thanks, man.
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