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Alta opens

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Alta opened yesterday with 109 inches since Thanksgiving. Wildcat and Germania are open, so Ballroom, the shoulder,all of Rustler Ridge and Greely bowl and North Rustler on the backside are accessable. The high traverse has good coverage; lots of Pow.. I ditched work early and got up by noon on opening day; the main parking lot was full but there were still plenty of freshies to go around. Talked to a girl who worked at Hellgate and she said a couple people had called to cancel February reservations fearing no snow...hey, it always snows in wintertime...more snow tonight, so guess it's the flu tomorrow... R.
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I was up there, I also had the white flu. People were in line by 6:40 in the AM at the Wildcat & Collins lifts. The freshies were great. It's been snowing all day and more for tomorrow. I'll be there again on Saturday also. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Went up again Friday.. it was dumping. The snow was as good as it gets; thigh deep, light champaign powder.. even managed to ski it tolerably well compared to opening day. People hollering, people digging for lost skis, dumping all day, just wild. Will it keep up? who knows; but we havn't had a truly great snow season in a few years so we're due..

I was reading the "This Sucks" thread.. It's considered bad form for locals to talk up Alta,to tell anyone on the lift where you're going or to show visitors where the good stuff is.. I think this is mostly B.S. the "big secret" is usually Eagles Nest or High Rustler which get tracked out instantly by the herd of "insiders." Anyway, much of the best powder is right under your nose..
My point is, Utah's going to be a great destination this winter; they have this unbeleivable $20.02 lift ticket at all the resorts if you stay at a hotel, which is less than half the price of a resident's discount ticket at Park City. Jet Blue is a new airline with $99. one way tickets from N.Y. and similar rates from other places.
Utah's no secret and the last couple of years have seen fewer skiers and shorter lines. It's not that I miss the day of the twenty minute wait, but last year we had powder days with no waits at all. Alta's season pass used to be available only by lottery or to immediate family members of a passholder{so I married one} but no more.. So I see no harm in inviting all you Bears out to Utah this winter.. We're throwing a party for the whole world and it's getting off to a great, if late, start.
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