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Cranmore Pics - 2/28/04

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Here is me being stupid. Don't mind the sloppy form as it was wet, had no pitch, and I tried to get in the picture.

Here is me on the only bump run on the hill. You can't see it but the bumps were nasty and uneven with deep ridges. In other words they were fun.

Here is me and my wife Christina(xrisi). No I am not peeing on her.
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Cool pics. Thanks. I was in North Conway at the outlets last week and was wondering how Cranmore is. Looks like some nice bumps in that second pic.
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Cranmore is crowded, terrain is limited, the snow coverage was pretty bad, and the lifts are slow and crowded.

I think we only did like 13 runs from 9-2 and we skied nonstop except for lunch.

I do 13 runs before lunch at most larger mountains with way more vert.

It was cool to try it but I don't think I will go back there.
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Nice pics Scalce,
These early springtime wkends make for numerous zoos...turning into more social, rather than serious skiing days...from western Vermont to Sugarloaf in Maine, not to mention my fruitless hunt for a real cheap Atomic 9.22/R9(170) : ....resembling the late Charles Kuralt's On the Road...with
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Don't say that.

I still have some Sugarloaf vouchers to use before the end of the season.
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