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I have been offered a travel nurse assignment in Bishop (?) CA. Born and raised in Florida, I know NOTHING of CA skiing except what people tell me of Tahoe. According to my agent and maps, it looks like Mammoth Lakes are fairly close by. true? Anyone been to Bishop? Is it a crap hole or a decent town? In addition, I will be out there for all of November and December and possibly early January, what kind of conditions will there be? any help would be great.
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I've only driven through Bishop a couple of times on the way up to Mammoth from L.A. Seems like a typical small town, but the views to the West are incredible. I gawk at the Sierras the entire drive up. Mammoth Mountain is only about an hour north. Mt. Whitney isn't too far to the south of Bishop. Mammoth's season is scheduled to start on November 6th this year so you should get plenty of skiing in.
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Bishop is actually kind of a cool place, just ask Mammothcruzer (hey Pat, maybe you should be Bishopcruzer?), he lives there. It has all sorts of neat things in and around it. The Owens River Gorge, and places like the Buttermilks offer world class climbing. The mountains on both sides of the valley offer all sorts of fun stuff like backpacking, fishing, and some of the best ski touring anywhere. Personally, I like visiting the Laws Railroad Museum, Thai Western Kitchen, and the used book store. People in Bishop seem quite friendly, and are used to all sorts of climbers, skiers, hunters, tourists, fisherman etc... Mammoth is about 45 minutes away, and June Mtn is just about fifteen minutes further on the 395. The skiing in the Sierra is often excellent by Thanksgiving (see last year) but sometimes not. Keep in mind that Bishop is much lower, and usually has pretty moderate temps. It can be shorts weather ther, while it's dumping on Mammoth Mtn. Anyway, the Easter Sierra is a very scenic place with lots of outdoor stuff. Hope that helps.
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Thanks for all the info. I am hoping to get away from the super walmarts and traffic but not too far from life, i.e. monday night football (go BUCS!) [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] . But the most important is someplace I can ski on my days off and hike and camp and go where the wild things are (and I don't me an LA).
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