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What if there was a 6000 vert. ft resort in Nor. Amer

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Would you come or make a point of coming. And would you come to ski in July on its large glacier ( not like the little one at W/B)?

The resort proposed for Jumbo is about that size and was wondering what the market was.
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Where is this proposed!? Hopefully they'll change the name from "Jumbo"?
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well its proposed for Jumbo mt. in the BC interior east of Panorama. As for the name the mountain is Jumbo but the name of the resort if it ever comes to pass could be anything.
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I'm looking at the mountain in a topo map now - holy cow! That would be an outrageous place if it had a few lifts to the more strategic locations. The first North American ski area to *truly* rival the mega-monsters of Europe.

How far along is the process, just consideration?
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Investors lined up and paying for stidies to be done. Some of the envirnoment ones done, the bear one- how many in area - that kind of thing. From the artical I read they modified their plan because of it - dropped a novice lift on the lower mtn. Bears don't go on the glacier.

You have a topo of the area?
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I'll be interested to hear what happens.

Yeah, I fly some - so have topo's of pretty much everywhere, along with traditional Sectional Aeronautical charts which generally provide pretty good topo data in their own right.
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I did a quick web search and turned up the Jumbo Glacier Alpine Resort home page www.dwg.com/oberti/jumbo.htm. Very impressive.

As for the "bear study", I'm sure if they build it they will find a documentable increase in "Bear" population and activity through the winter months...<FONT size="1">

<FONT size="1">

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How hard is it to get residency &/or work permit in Canada?

holy god I think I have wood..........

baile para nieve
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Check out this website also.

Very interesting stuff, I'll be interested to see if they get all the necessary permits to get this thing off the ground. Looks like it would be an epic place.
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If it happens, I think we need a massive Bear exodus to the place to give it a proper "breaking in" eh?
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ti - you can always marry a Cannock....I did.
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The vertical would be great, but what about the snow? That is not exactly a huge snow area. I think they made the same mistake at Kicking Horse, which seems to be in the snow shadow of Rodgers Pass. They are going to have to put in an awful lot of snowmaking to make the bottom skiable.
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did you have the # of a service for that type of thing?

when you comin to Utah to get your fix?>>>>>>>>

baile para nieve
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You basing your opinion on this years conditions? Kicking Horse will be the best ski area around in a normal snow year. There was a ton of snow last year in the same area the gondola accessed this year.
have a degree and you'll get a job, Nafta visa's are a dime a dozen.
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To correct my earlier mistake you can get quite close to the base as the bridges that are out are on the old road. Road maintained to old mine site.

Haven't seen anything on the amount of snow and JoCanadians remarks on right on the money as far as Kicking Horse goes just mad luck for them in their first year. Every place is probably less than 50% of last year. My hill looks like it should in Nov.

As far as snow goes I think your using Panorama as a indication of the amount of snow that Jumbo would get. I think it would be more like Panorama is in the shadow of Jumbo as Jumbo is at the lets say the divide of that mountain range ie beside Jumbo Pass. Go east going down toward Duncan lake , go west going down to Panorama and Columbia Lake from Jumbo Pass. Rodgers pass is just the pass that was most passable and lines up best with Kicking Horse pass to cross the Purcells and ? ranges.
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ti- Afraid I'm going to miss Utahhhh this year. Had to go to B.C. for my "fix". Good week. And next year Utah will probably be overrun with Olympic visitors.

Having snow all the way to the bottom of these mega mountains is always questionable. Somewhere in the documentation on the site I remember reading a statement to the affect that there is excellent snow coverage from the highest elevation to the valley floor and snowmaking would NOT be required. Undoubtedly marketing hype...
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Any update on this? Their site is optimistic but that still no construction has happened makes me doubt it ever will.


Anyway, I don't get what the big deal is. Once they open the resort the number (barking) Bears will INCREASE on the mountain
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