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Kicking Horse again

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KH seems to have the better packages than Fernie right now, and they both seem to be getting the same amount of snow. I've been to Fernie 3x now (before and after expansion) and KH is new territory.

FWIW, me and the hubby are expert all mountain skiers, and both are within a 1/2 days drive (mostly) for us.

any opinions anyone?

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I haven't skied either place yet. From what I've read and been told, there's not much to see or do near Kicking Horse. The terrain, however, is supposed to be amazing. 4000 plus vertical feet serviced by only three lifts!!! I'm planning my trip there in March. Kicking Horse sounds like a place that is on the verge of being discovered (therefore, go now....). Have fun wherever you end up!
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See?the scenery. Do? go skiing. If I wanted a tourist vacation I'd go do something else.

Yes, the packages are pretty good. And I will get to Sivler Star oneof these years.

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I was at Kicking Horse a couple of weeks ago. I recommend it. The terrain is absolutely amazing.
The hill is still relatively undeveloped and has lot's of potential.
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I have been checking on a trip to Kicking Horse for 12/02. If I could go there without the family, I would go there asap. If you look at the resort website on a regular basis, you will see that the upper mt gets a lot of snow on some fabulous terrain. For 2002-03 season they will install the Blue Heaven ridge quad. Eventual buildout is supposed to double the size of the ski area. For this season, KH is like a private lift-served heli-ski destination with lodging 30 minutes away.
I don't think I'll go there until there is some lodging slopeside. We'll see if they finish some base hotel for 12/02...
For some more info:
check www.firsttracksonline.com article
check www.rsn.com LakeLouise Forum, Eldo posted some pictures and comments.
If you go to KH, please give us some feedback about it. Thanks.
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There IS ski-in ski out. townhome condos, minimum 6 persons. and golden is only 20 minutes away.

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Hello everybody.

Yes there is slopeside ski-in ski-out.

The properties are being managed through Canadian Mountain Property (www.canadianmountainproperty.com).


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Kicking Horse is going on my list.
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Although marked as single diamond blacks on the piste map, I am assured that most of the high alpine out there is 35-45 DEG pitch, steeps, chutes and bowls easily meriting double diamond status. Sounds like fun ...

I understand there will be hotels etc springing up over the next two or three seasons, with bars and restaurants to match. With Panorama and Banff within easy day-trip distance, it looks a good bet for a week or two trip.

I'm heading out on the 1st March and will post here with a review as soon as I get back. If I come back ...


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Whe I did my booking, the agent "forewarned" me that the top of the mt is expert....coo, that's the way I like it.
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Kicking Horse was the grateful recipient of 75 soft a nd fluffy centimetres of the good stuff overnight last night. With flurries forecast for the next 5 days, it's looking good for my trip on 1st march ...
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38" in the last week (today is sunday) although it's really cold right now.

weeeee I can't wait, we get to ski starting the 3rd.

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