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Rentals in Breckenridge

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Looking for the best rental shop for demos in Breckenridge. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hey cio457 -  You should try the Skiset shop on Main street: http://breckenridge.skiset.us/
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Sorry to hijack....


what are conditions like at Breck?  I'm arriving on 2/26 and read/heard that coverage was pretty sparse back in January.

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 I just got back from Breck yesterday.  The answers you are looking for are in this thread:
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I did find that thread.

The problems with trying to sneak in a little bit of surfing while working..... :-(.

I did ask about sidecountry access in the thread on Breck/Key conditions, if you're familiar with that.

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You can hike to most of the sidecountry spots (Peak 9 and Peak 6), but skins are easier (or so I understand).  Of course, there is hike-to skiing inbounds off of the top of Peak 8 (Lake Chutes and Snow White) and Peak 7.  The hike is short so hiking is probably far more efficient than skinning.

One word of caution:  our snow pack is rotten, with a nasty hoar frost layer that makes everything quite susceptible to sliding.  If you are headed out of bounds (Peak 6 or 9 and beyond), then you should have all the requisite equipment and training to use it, as well as a partner.

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