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Vermont Skiing

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Looking for advise, would you feel comfortable booking a trip to Okemo or Stratton the last weekend in March?

Thanks for your help
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Have not been, but I would not go to Sugarbush, based on what I saw there 2 weeks ago. Jay Peak or Stowe would be a safer bet.
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I work at Okemo-things are going downhill fast-they have been making snow when possible but the warm weather keeps melting away an already thin base. This weekend they got a bit of rain and snow. Sunday was about 50 degrees but the snow was quite good. The bumps runs were really fun. I hope they will be able to make it to the end of March because this is when I take my level 2.Hope this helps with your decision!! Terry
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trips to any where in New England after this past weekend will be a crap shot. if warm weather continues, no resorts will be looking good. although, if we get a dumping within the next week or two, we may add a couple good weeks of skiing to the season.

if you choose VT, go north!!! the further the better. at least as far north as The 'Bush... further north, better snow at this point.

i'd recommend maybe Cannon or Bretton Woods in NH even, or The 'Loaf or The River in Maine. those places currently have some of the better conditions (relatively), and may stand the best shots of going late into the season with solid terrain.
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The advice you're getting here is great! GO NORTH! Burke is still advertising 100% open. Jay is always a good bet for late season snow. I'll be up in Conway this weekend and will try to remember to report conditions when I get back!
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If you don't want to drive the extra miles, choose Stratton over Okemo. I skied Stratton 2/23-24. The base was good and they were blowing snow. I didn't see any bare spots. In fact I was impressed that despite rain on 2/20-21, the snow was good. Yes, they had groomed almost every trail so there weren't too many moguls to be found on the mt.

Stratton is a better mt with more interesting terrain and somewhat steeper options on the north facing parts of the mt. In late March, you need a mt with as many north-facing slopes as possible. And Okemo is too flat.

I'm heading to Killington for the Easter vacation. After the Thanksgiving snow/mud situation, they gave us vouchers to return this season so we will go then. In general, Killington has the best water supply for snowmaking in VT. This year the water supply issue for snowmaking was crucial. I know that Sugarbush and "I think" Stowe had water shortages during much of January which prevented extensive snowmaking.

As for Jay Peak, just after you have driven until your legs are asleep and the family is bouncing off the walls, you will drive another 40 minutes from I-91 to get there. And our Jay Peak Barking Bears seldom rave about the long flat runouts required to get around the mt. Don't get me wrong... the glades are excellent with fresh snow, but the rest of the mt leaves much to be desired. I am one of those that says, If your that close to Jay Peak, go to Stowe and really be challenged!

Let us know what you decide.
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