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A while back there were a few threads about the difficulties of travelling with skis in Sportstubes- the rigid plastic kind- bearing in mind the increased surveillance of checked bags in airports in the US. Has this changed at all of late or is it still a potential problem? I take it you still cant lock them ?
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I complained about it for sure and have a double sport tube that I haven't used since. Still can't lock them and the big problem comes when they take the skis out for inspection they never get put back together the way they were packed making them prone to damage.
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I love Sportstubes. They protect my skis better than soft bags. My wife and I each have one - I like the singles better than the doubles - Lars is right, the doubles are a pain to pack and re-pack. The singles are also easier to carry around. We use metal shower curtain rings to keep ours closed - no problems after 3 trips this winter.
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Hi Colin,

Actually you can lock Sportubes with the new TSA certified travel locks:


There is no better choice than a Sportube with a TSA lock (I recently used mine without incident on a trip to Steamboat Springs).
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You can get SporTubes with the new TSA locks from Snowshack.com
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I use a key ring(kind with a screw to close clasp) on my KIS ski tube. Have not had any problems.
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I had a security agent open my sportstube at Logan last December. I was not allowed to help him open or close the tube after inspection. He told me I didn't need to stick around while he did the inspection once I unlocked the tube. I did and I'm glad I did, when trying to fit the skis back in the agent had no idea what to do and proceed to try and shove my sticks in between the interior of the sportstube and the back of my skis. Had I not been there he would of ruined the bottom of my skis. I had to keep myself from laughing when he almost cut his hands off with the edge of my skis too. Still I was not allowed to give him a hand to pack them back in... Stupid rules.
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