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Anyone ski New England New Year's Day?

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Went skiing at Bretton Woods 1/1/2003 -- conditions were approximately equivalent to skiing on sheet metal that's been left out in freezing rain overnight. Truly bulletproof ice, top to bottom. Thank God it was on a free lift ticket -- I lasted about 90 minutes before deciding the impending injury I was going to suffer just wasn't worth it. I felt better when I noticed an instructor's clinic make one run before deciding that this was an invitation to disaster to continue skiing.

Anyone else go skiing in New England on New Year's Day? What were conditions like? I had skied Cannon as well on New Year's Eve -- extremely windy and icy in the early morning, but softened up nicely as the day went on. Turned out to be a pretty good day.

Definitely need Mother Nature's help in New Hampshire...

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Was it Blue? If it's not blue it's not ice, just frozen granular. This is why eastern skiing is better than everywhere else. These mountains teach you to ski on everything.
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Mt. Snow was
You could ski it, but if you went down, Pick up your gear at the lift!. Groomers are to be thanked on days like this!

Ahh New England

Sleet and snow right now out the window with 6-8 of snow expected through the night

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MM: Sounds like the ice was a steel gray color up there. I don't agree that nearly unskiable and dangerous conditions make "eastern skiing better than anywhere else". When conditions are so bad that the instructors are forced to have a clinic at the bar and "go to the videotape", I'm sure that some people who spent their hard earned money to ski the east will not return to spend more money next year. That situation hurts the economy and income sources for many people there.

It's great to be able to ski difficult snow conditions. However, when the tourists go elsewhere locals won't be able to afford more than just skiing. Why cheer when the golden goose gets killed during a peak vacation period?

And just to make you happier, I'm sending an email to Cannon Mt. management requesting them to ice down the entire mt (and Mittersill) to World Cup standards for your mid-week pleasure skiing next week. Enjoy!
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No need dude. Cannon's like that on its own. That's part of why it's still an F.I.S. certified venue, although they haven't held any events in a while.

I actually haven't hit Cannon yet this year. They've been uncommonly lackadaisical about getting terrain opened up. I refuse to pay money for only half the mountain in January. I can pay about $20 less at Magic Mtn. where nothing is ever closed, even if it's bare rock. I love icy trails. It's the only way that groomed terrain holds any challenge for me, and always reveals the minor flaws in my technique. I love being forced to ski perfectly. Skiing is about challenge for me, not hero snow. Hero snow is great for special occasions but makes for sloppy and spoiled skiers. I'll take an unpredictable mix over a guarantee of powder any day. I don't need more than 4 or 5 powder days a season, out of 50+ skier days.
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I couldn't tell you what color the ice was at Cannon on New Year's Eve -- the top of the Peabody Express Quad was socked in by the clouds. Visibility was maybe about 5 feet, so I didn't see the point in heading higher into that.

I'm not sure why Cannon hasn't been opening stuff sooner either... I just looked and their open trail count has dropped back to 25. I have my season pass there, so it doesn't really bother me.

Bretton Wood's ice was white in color, but not the normally skiable white-ice variety. This is the kind that you get when it rains hard overnight and then the temperature drops to about 20 degrees.

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Hey all!

My son just called from the mountain. '8-10 of fresh at Mt. Snow. Good stuff over sleet.

We needed it after yesterday

Weather dependent happiness!

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I love it when a little sleet falls beneath the snow like that. When things are icy and powder falls by itself it gets scraped around quickly, but with an hour or so of sleet the snow has a chance to grip better. Magic got about 10-12 as well. I'm gonna try and get there tomorrow, if I can find transportation.
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Too bad the week ended up icy.. it was nice early on. I took advantage of my black out days on my Loon pass to hit Cannon for the first time on 12/30. Other than forgetting my knee pads and ending up with some nice bruises, the mountain was great. I wish they had cheaper seasons passes, I'd take it over Loon/Waterville in a heartbeat.
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