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Keystone Sat

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Thinking about skiing Keystone Sat. Will probably only get in a couple of runs. My Mother-In-Law will be in town and thankfully she sleeps late.

If any Bears are skiing look for me. Tan Jacket, black pants, reddish helmet.
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Can't join you however hope you have fun. Got in three days this week at Loveland. Good snow and reasonable crowds. Bought a Loveland pass this year for the first time. The more time I spend there the more I like the place.
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I have got to ski Loveland this year. I haven't skied there in years and years, everytime I pass by on the way up to Summit County to ski, I scan the runs above the tunnel mentally placing my lines.

That 45 minute trip from Denver is really appealing also.

For years I kept saying I just have to take a day and and ski Berthoud Pass, of course now they went and closed it!
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Kima, how was Keystone on Sat?
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Well, you want to know about the two runs I did? My sister was nice enough to buy a condo at Keystone right by the lift. So we rolled outta bed dressed walked accross the street at 8:30. No line just the 2 chair open. First run great. The coverage was pretty amazing, no rocks at all. still no line, 2nd run great, hard to get crowded with just the 2 chair. came down the line had to be 30+ min. so back "home' for breakfast and hiking with mommy-in-law.

Judging by the parking lot had to be loooong waits for the chair. Sun we acutally had a bit of rain.

I knew that we would only ski for an hour at best so it was fun just getting the skis on. My husband says I can't count it as day one, but I am!
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I say it counts [img]smile.gif[/img]
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