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Originally posted by 420 days on snow:
I don't care for Squaw much either. Inconsistent fall line, and too damn steep in a lot of places for anything but a daily shredder.
Do I laugh? Do I cry? Maybe a little of both?
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I've got to add my 2 cents:

Heavenly is the worst in the spring unless you like the Face. Kirkwood, Alpine and Squaw are way better in the spring time. As far as staying in South shore? I use to live there and consider it way too urban, I much prefer North shore. If you don't want to rent a car then stay in South shore, you can still take a shuttle to Kirkwood and Squaw.

FYI: Alpine picked up 12-17 inches out of the Thursdays system and they are still just $39.
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I'm skiing Tahoe on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I have lift tickets for Kirkwood on either one of those days and the rest of the time at Heavenly. What's the best day to go to Kirkwood ? Saturday to avoid crowds at Heavenly ?

Crossing-fingers and hoping the forecast is wrong and that it won't rain as they are now saying...
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Go to Kirkwood on Saturday.
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Better strip clubs in Reno and South Shore.
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edit....the dreaded 2x'er
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Best bet for current conditions in Lake Tahoe. These are weather sensors at Squaw and Alpine (Ward Peak is the top of Alpine).

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