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waiting for snow

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every year it takes my group two months to decide where we are going to go...then we wait two months for snow...skiing in mid-dec at park city....does everyone get antsy as i do about this? i'm thinking there is no way they will open in three weeks...oh well, pray for snow
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Temps have fallen dramatically over the past few days and things are returning to normal.

I walked out on my porch this afternoon and noticed Breck was blowing snow during daylight hours - it might be the first time this year.
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It'll come y'all!!!
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It sure would have been nice if that Pineapple Express that hit us last week was in the form of snow instead of rain. I can't even imagine how much snow that would have been! Mother nature was just teasing us
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Well it's been pouring down rain here in the mid-Atlantic. It was 70 yesterday, and supposed to be in the upper 60's for the rest of the week. We were being teased earlier this month. I hope Nov. brings cool temps. Oh Ullr.... why???? :
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...ansy? More like a feverish gnawing angst that can only be
appreciated by those heavily addicted to nicotine or crank. (thankfully neither has been a problem for me). One year I skied Mammoth at Thanksgiving in waist deep fluff. Now it can't dump soon enough...Yom kippur?
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Originally posted by Extaski:
... Now it can't dump soon enough...Yom kippur?
??mi bageshem umi basheleg???
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Originally posted by dp:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Extaski:
... Now it can't dump soon enough...Yom kippur?
??mi bageshem umi basheleg???</font>[/quote]My yiddish, or hebrew isn't that good. What does that mean dp? Or do I have to go ask my bubbie?
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It is a bastardized version of the Yom Kippur (and Rosh Hashana) liturgy ("unetaneh tokef" from musaf). The real and original version speaks of God's judgement of one's actions in the past year, and contrasts the polarities of what will occur in the coming year- who will become rich and who poor, who will be well and who will become ill, etc. My line translates roughly as "who will have rain and who will have snow". I must say I didn't quite understand the Yom Kippur reference in Extaski's previous post!

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Very cool dp. I'll remember that one. I didn't understand his reference either.
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